Tele Teaser Tuesday – Flakes

I know I’ve been promising and it’s finally here. A long-awaited tele teaser to serve as a reminder that you can’t be slacking this autumn or your skinny thighs are gonna pay in November when it comes time to drop knee. Flakes is the latest from a crew called Powderwhore and with a name like that you know this vid’s going to be good. Good as in how about that amazing line at 2:00.

So here’s what the boys say about the new flick:

So while we were on the road showing “The Pact” we thought we should choose a title before we even start filming and make a movie that has a recurring theme throughout. We decided we liked “Flakes” and thought we could play up the flakiness of these people we ski with, who devote their lives to telemark skiing. We also thought if we fail at showing the flakiness we can always just say we called it flakes because of snow flakes.

When the snow started to fall last winter we reverted back to the days of old where all we want to do is ski. So we didn’t end up capturing too much flakey behavior. What we did manage to capture was by far the most beautiful footage we’ve ever shot. What we thought was going to be a light hearted movie turned into a sort of art flick. Don’t get me wrong the whole movie isn’t that way at all but a few segments are very different. We still have the PW humor that will always make it in our movies.

Go the Powderwhores! And as for me, I’m heading out for a few hundred lunges before dinner. Two months (hopefully) and counting…


8 responses to “Tele Teaser Tuesday – Flakes

  1. Phew, no pseudo philosophical voiceover, just sweet pow. As for leg exercises, that starts on first day of GM when I finished all this work!

  2. Where’s Mic anyway ?

  3. Sweet!! I wish I had as strong legs as “the insider” so I could telemark to.

  4. Nice! Mic has sneaked in some tele turns here..

    Remember last time you telemarked Frip?? HaHa good thing you had a helmet!

    • Hold on a minute, I’m confused. Which one is Mic Devor and which one is Nick Devore? Or is that your North American alter ego?

  5. Hmm, This dude is spelling his name wrong!

  6. Haha, very funny Mic! Good that you had a helicopter….. 😉

  7. Probably better for you, otherwise you would have to carry me home!

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