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Antoine Montant Dies in BASE Jumping Accident

Sadly, it’s been confirmed that Antoine Montant has died as the result of an apparent wingsuit flying accident. His body was found in the Collet d’Anterne area in Haute Savoie with his unopened parachute still inside the container. An article on reports:

“Sunday morning at 5 am. Antoine’s girlfriend called attention on Facebook that he is missing since saturday afternoon after he went for a BASE jump in the area of Collet d’Anterne in Haute Savoie, France. Just a few hours later many people such as friends, mountain guides, paragliders, base jumpers got together for the search of Antoine. In the afternoon the terrible news hit the scene, that they found him dead in the mountains.”

Antoine was an accomplished extreme skier, one of the world’s best acro paragliders, multiple speed riding champion, and BASE jumper. Read more about Antoine on

Among his many extraordinary exploits were the first speed flying descent of the Eiger and the original speed riding cable grind on the old Chamonix lift station. Antoine was 30 years old.
Portrait Antoine Montant par AMontant

Condolences are being left on Antoine’s Facebook page. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Blessed are the dead

For they have been given wings to fly.


Swedes Boost New Route(?) Up North Face of Grandes Jorasses’ Pointe Young

At the end of September, Olov Isaksson and Michael Rüter completed what they reckon might be a new route on Pointe Young on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses.

In his blog post, Isaksson explains:

“Michael and I were back at the Jorasses planning to either have a go at the Bonatti/Vaucher or a line that I’d spotted on Pointe Young last year. I couldn’t find the route in any topos but it looked like it could go.”

“Conditions were generally great but with some longer sections of thin unprotectable ice. About 400 meters up (where the routes splits into Knez-Skok [1980, 4c, A1, 55°, 750m] & Desécures/Robach) we continued straight up through a system of narrow steeper gullies with thin ice. After ca 350 additional meters we topped out at a notch on the NNW spur of Pointe Young. … We simul-climbed the route in 5 pitches encountering no difficulties higher than M5. It goes without saying that we found no traces of previous ascents but that can of course not be excluded.”

North face of Pointe Young, Les Grandes Jorasses. Photo: Ben Tibbetts

In the end, it’s refreshing to see climbers like Rüter and Isaksson with the unpretentious attitude of the increasingly rare, gentlemen alpinist. Their knowledge of the face leads them to ask about the possibility of, rather than claim, a new route, and draw a zen-like conclusion about its importance in the overall experience. Bravo.

“Who can be naive enough to believe that they’ve climbed a new line on the north face of Grandes Jorasses in 2011? Still, whether a line has been undocumentedly climbed or not doesn’t change the adventure and fun of heading up into the unknown.”

To see more photos and read the full blog post, go to

Xavier de Le Rue Showcases Blower Chamonix Powder Season in ‘This Is My Winter’

This is My Winter

Holy smokes! Starting the day with a teaser like this is better than three cans of Red Bull with a shot of espresso in them.

This is my winter Timeline

The riding is classic Xavier with the kind of steep ice, mach 11 powder turns and nail-biting straightlines that have built his formidable reputation as a big mountain slayer.

“Welcome to Chamonix,” indeed.

The complete version of This Is My Winter will be available online for free from mid-November and also features the skills of Mathieu Crepel, Andreas Fransson and Samuel Anthamatten.

Breaking News! 95% of Scientists Believe Yetis Exist

Scientists observe a yeti planking, which lends credibility to the theory the giant hominoids may go months at a time without a wifi connection and therefore unaware that planking is so five minutes ago.

An article in today’s Guardian reveals that 95% of scientists believe yetis exist and you should too, even if you don’t believe in science.

“I know they exist – I see them every day,” a conference participant, Robin Lynn, said by telephone from Kemerovo.

“There were also some tracks, but we’re not quite sure what to make of them,” a scientist verified.

So that’s it then. Next question?

Got Yo’ Chamonix Season Pass Yet? Mysto Super Promo Ends Soon, Alledgedly. That, and Jake Blauvelt Reminds the City Jibbers What Snowboarding is All About

If this was the photo on Jake Blauvelt's season pass then 'Slingshot' Jez Wilson would have no problem using it.

Yo slackers, just a little reminder that you’ve got less than seven days to take advantage of Compagnie du Mont Blanc’s Super Promo season pass.

A source who may or may not wish to remain anonymous told us the deal may or may not only be available to those who may or may not have had a season pass last year and who may or may not have been sent the SCI security level email from Compagnie du Mont Blanc. Or maybe not, we’re not sure, denying everything, speak to our attorneys.

But hey, if the deal does hypothetically exist then big ol’ super stealth high five double chakas to the CMB for offering up a frequent flyer discount to your devoted hardcores. For all the rest of you we kindly ask you to skip straight down, without looking at the prices in the table below, to the inspiring video of shred master Jake Blauvelt whose style bears a remarkable resemblance to that of Jez ‘Suck It Up It Ain’t Broke’ Wilson, to a lesser degree, of course.

No peeking…

Chamonix’s Te Crew Off For a Hot Cuppa Alpine Altruism in India

Chamonix Te Crew

Satopanth, Garhwal Himalaya

Chamonix’s Te Crew has headed out for a two-month expedition to India. The team includes Alex Marchesseau, Florent Gex, Remi Peschier and Romain Aubrun.

Chamonix Te Crew

Alex Marchesseau

The team’s mission is two-fold, first of which is a ski and monoski descent of the 55˚ northwest arête of 7075m Satopanth in the Garhwal Himalaya. The expedition involves (got your Google Earth ready?) a 3-day approach from the village of Gangotri (3000m) up the Gangotri glacier, past Shivling to their base camp at 4800 meters. From there they will place Camp 1 at 5500m, C2 at 6000m and C3 at 6400m.

Chamonix Te Crew

Florent Gex

The second half of the expedition is to head south to the Mt Abu climbing school in Rajasthan with a load of climbing gear. Their goal is to contribute the gear and their efforts to the climbing school which helps underprivileged children from Mumbai’s suburbs.

After traveling in several third world countries, Te Crew is re-interpreting the idea of expeditions in third world countries and it is

Chamonix Te Crew

Remi Peschier

their plan to do their best to help improve living conditions in the countries that welcome them. Nice one, gents.

Satopanth is located in Gangotri National Park near the western border of Nepal. Apparently it’s the source of the Ganges river – cool.

Mount Abu (1722m) is in the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary in southern Rajasthan about

Chamonix Te Crew

Romain Aubrun

100 km west of Udaipur. It is a highly-symbolic place where Hindus go to pray at the many temples.

Te Crew is an organization of young Chamoniards who are passionate about all things alpine. Their purpose is to help young people achieve their alpine objectives and to look beyond their cultural horizons.

Garhwal HimalayaThe crew plans to be back in Chamonix on November 7th. Follow their blog at

Shout out to Millet for their continued support of Te Crew.