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Roch Malnuit Gets Some Air Time

As you know, Roch Malnuit is a homeboy Chamonix slayer who’s been climbing, sliding and flying around these mountains since he was born. But what you might not be aware of is that his buddy Timothee Nalet thought it was about time Roch got a bit more air time – and we’re not talking about the kind that comes from hurling yourself off sheer rock faces – so he posted this sweet mini-documentary.

Oh yeah, and did I mention he’s an OG shredder as well? How about some first snowboard descent action on Mt Buet?

Want more? Swing by his website and see how Roch’s rollin’.

I Decided to Post Nuit de la Glisse’s New Teaser At The Very Last Moment

There I was, having a great day, minding my own business, when a link to the new Nuit de la Glisse vid pops up in my Inbox. Sweet! I’ll just plug it in and …

… you know, there are a lot of things I really could have done without today, one of which was seeing one of the bruthas nearly getting swept over a huge cliff by a surface release on a steep slope in Greenland.

But seeing how I’m the kinda guy who prefers to focus on the positive, you really need to take a peek, especially you pinheads in the crowd, because it looks like once again Thierry’s captured some amazing footage.

Nuit de le Glisse – At the Very Last Moment is hitting theaters near you on December 8th.

Chamoniards’ Day Off

Just another post about your everyday Chamonix locals doing extraordinary things. First up it’s a bit of wingsuit action from Jean Noel and his bros. As if it wasn’t enough when these guys were skimming walls, now they’re all about skimming the ground.

When will the madness end? Not til we see ’em land I reckon.

Timrazine Canyon aka Canyon Apache

Next up is the delightful Abigail Pickett and her friends Andrea Cattarossi, Daniele Geremia, Silvano Gosso, Marco Zaffiri and Francesco Fazzi who put up a new climbing route in Morocco’s Timrazine Canyon (aka Canyon Apache) over the summer. The route is called Capitan Tajin (7c+, 7a obl) and in a report in the American Alpine Journal, Francesco Fazzi reports, “The fifth pitch is the crux, though pitch six is 7b, and four and seven are 7a+ and 7a respectively. No pitch is easier than 6a+.” The team equipped the 8-pitch route from the ground up. Following are a few of Abi’s thoughts and photos about the trip…


Abi Pickett serving up a bit of tajin.

“Taghia is a place where you will leave your phone, computer and worries aside with no effort and instead become overwhelmed by the magic and peacefulness of its surroundings.

I woke up every morning to the sight of these incredible red rock faces and was so eager to climb them , and yet, in the evening,  as the sun went down, it was simply a joy to contemplate the changing colours of the earth that became purple, contrasting with the bright green crops by the river.

.”]In Taghia life is calm, and it really made me realise the futility of certain things that worried me in my “real” life. The locals will spend all day on the roofs of their huts, and they looked at us with a mixture of amusement, incomprehension and slight mockery as we set off with all our gear to go and wear ourselves out all day. I loved every second of my trip to and would go back any time.

Ski Porn Smackdown: Instant vs Edge of Never

'Instant' by Perfect Moment / Nuit de la Glisse

Charlie Sarragalet (RIP) – 'Instant' by Perfect Moment / Nuit de la Glisse

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ve been a bit slack lately getting the posts up and the backlog is building. Anyway, in this installment of the Ski Porn Smackdown you’re getting two different vids and they’re both tied to Chamonix. First up is Thierry Donard’s Perfect Moment / Nuit de la Glisse film, Instant.

Now, I’ve always wondered why a filmmaker who lives in Chamonix would travel to the far corners of the earth when the best lines are certainly here. I mean that’s why we live here, right? Well, the epic season of ’08/09 was just too amazing to neglect and Thierry stayed home to shoot local hellmen like Mic Devor, Karsten Gefle, Mike Lamy and Fred Syversen shredding their home turf where they charge hardest.

Now for the benefit of those who live outside the valley I should stop right here and mention that conditions are never like this in Chamonix. In fact most of this film was shot either on bulletproof blue ice with Thierry’s battalion of special FX logging some serious overtime to magically create the untracked, deep powder imagery that appears on the screen. Either that or it was shot in the Arlberg where they have waaaay more powder and much smaller lift queues and complimentary weiss beer served by flirtatious young fräuleins at the bottom of every lift. Man if I wasn’t stuck here in this dump that’s where I’d be for sure.

Anyway, there’s also some amazing base jump, wingsuit, proximity flying, and speed riding courtesy of Chamonix’s resident lunatics Jean-Noël Itzst, Robert Pecnik, Alex Aimard and recently deceased Charlie Sarragallet that is simply not to be missed. The progression of these … erm … leisure activities is mind-blowing.

There’s a free preview in Annecy at the Pop Plage on 30 October at 23:00 and a premiere in Chamonix on 31 October. These nights are not to be missed.

Edge of Never

And our next entry in today’s Ski Porn Smackdown is Edge of Never. “A documentary feature film set in the world of big mountain skiing, The Edge of Never is a real life coming of age saga about the tribe of skiers who challenge the biggest, most dangerous mountains…”

[Cue scary music] … “In the World’s MOST DANGEROUS Mountains. No one rides ALONE.”

Oh my.

Anyway don’t let the spray put you off this vid because it looks like it’s a great story. Extreme skier Trevor Peterson died back in the day while filming in Chamonix leaving behind a wife and a few children. His son Kye grows up and turns out to be what looks like a pretty solid little ripper. He bravely decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and travels to Chamonix. With Glen Plake, Mike Hattrup and others (rare cameo appearance by Nate Wallace!) as his mentors, he prepares to ski the line that killed his father, the Glacier Rond.

Reviews on the net are super positive. There’s evidently a book about the story as well and Steve McQueen gives it two thumbs up. Or was that the conversation about Steve House’s new book? What the heck, read ’em both and cover all the bases.

Instant Gratification

I know, I know, I’ve been a little slack lately with the regular updates but this latest weather window coincided with the availability of some of my fav-o-rite climbing partners and as they say in the mountains, “When it’s good, you go.” So I went. Several times in fact. Maillon Manquant on the Peigne, Walker Spur, Aiguille de la République. All-time routes that I’ll be posting soon enough. But in the meantime here’s a little teaser from Thierry Donard’s next Nuit de la Glisse / Perfect Moment moving picture called Instant featuring Chamonix’s Robert Pecnik blowing minds with a bit of base/wing/proximity hijinks. If this footage doesn’t blow your hair back then man you must be totally bald.

Instant will be released 6 November 2009 in 42 countries around the globe. And yeah, my guess is that the footy from Jean Noel (whom you see at the beginning of the vid dropping in right behind Robert) will be amazing.

So. Can’t. Wait.