Ski-o-licious 2010 – Dynastar

So Frippe and I went up the Midi yesterday to put together the little video you see above. We were thinking, OK it’s a ski vid so there’s gotta be snow in the background, right? That, and the forecast for a beautiful autumn day was all I needed to pull me away from the computer to go hang out in the sun at the top of the Midi and strut around like a hotshot film producer. “Can everyone on the deck please stay quiet for three minutes while we do this take? Thank you and roll ‘em!”

Anyway, on the way up, we’re checking out climbing routes, as you do, and what do we see but fresh tracks down the Mallory! Ski tracks!! In September!!! I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the season as much as anyone, but whomever made those must have a permanent address on Planet Jones. Respect.

So we go up and do our thing – man, what a gorgeous day: climbers everywhere, paragliders launching from Mont Blanc, Japanese tourists by the truckloads – and on the way down we run into a guy with a pair of prototype skis in his hand and a huuuuuuge grin on his face. Turns out Tom designs the skis himself with recycled wood cores and a hemp top sheet and he’s pressing them here in Chamonix. Right on, Tom. More on his project in an upcoming post.

Anyway, there I was this whole time thinking I’m the only guy in town who’s got the jones, and feeling like there’s no real rush getting my 2010 ski guide up (Snell doesn’t even get their skis in the store until October), when in fact it’s as ubiquitous as the changing colors of the leaves.

So here it comes. A different brand every few days for the next several weeks (except for next week when I’ll be getting in one last blast of warm weather bolt clipping). And of course, I’ll also be throwing out a video teaser every so often ‘cause you all know how much I love the ski porn.

Autumn’s here, nights are getting colder, colors are changing. Breathe deep and smell the stoke.

Dynastar 2009/10

6ht Sense Huge, Big Dump, Pro XXL, Pro Rider

6th Sense Huge - Big Dump - Pro XXL - Pro Rider


Take one look at the Big Dump – a big, stiff ski for guys and gals with tree stumps for legs – and you’ll realize Dynastar’s Legend Series is all about charging hard. The Pro XXL and Pro Rider don’t seem to have changed much since last season when the crew in CHX  skied them and loved them: the XXL for its  all-mountain versatility and the Pro Rider for its performance as a touring and steeps ski for some, and as an all-mountain enduro for a whole lot of others.

I’m also hearing about another big ski called the 6th Sense Huge that, with the big twins, looks a lot more versatile. Frippe’s telling me it’s included in the Freestyle Series for a good reason and if you’re into spinning off big cliffs then the 6th Sense Huge is a ski you’re probably gonna want to look into.

To see Dynastar’s full line check out


6 responses to “Ski-o-licious 2010 – Dynastar

  1. isn’t he breathing a bit hard for a high- altitude mountaineer?

  2. Haha, it’s the altitude. It’s a long way up those stairs.

  3. Really nice video. And what a gorgeous view in clear air.

    I have been a Dynastar fan for some years now. I tried hard to get a pair of Legends with the old style layout :). They are fine for me for everyday touring and pistes as well (I am quite a slim guy). Last year I bought the Legend Pro. Definitely a cool ski but a little bit heavy for touring :).

    Looking forward to your next ski reviews. Cheers!

  4. Sugoi!
    We met Tom at the Col du Passon – found this article later
    which I linked to from the blog, but I’d really like to hear more about the skis.

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