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The Chamonix Insider is news and informationNotMen by, about and for the Chamonix Massif, our friends and friends of friends.

Since 1996, the Insider’s been brewing up, dropping in, flaming out, landing hard, cowboyin’ up, topping out, throwin’ horns and basically having the “Best Day Ever!” over and over and over again in this little corner of paradise we call Chamonix.

I’m keen to know what you think about the blog and what you’d like to see more/less of so leave a comment, hit me with ideas and if you like what you’re reading then forward it to your rope mates and ski buddies. Because at the end of the day it’s all about stokin out yer bros, don’t you know. And skiing fast and climbing hard. Probably some biking and paragliding as well, because hey, there’s some pretty sick stuff going on there, right? And gear. It goes without saying that a gear weenie like me’s gonna be reviewing all the best new gear in here, fo sho.

And if you want to get each new posting shot straight into your inbox, fire your email address to me at

So that’s enough o’ that, I gotta run. Feelin’ another Best Day Ever calling. Whoooooop!!!

23 responses to “Inside the Insider

  1. The Chamonix Percolateur KICKS ASS!

    Bring on the content!

    Howz about a Farrah Fawcett tribute ski bunny piece.


  2. love it trey
    i can still live the chamonix lifestyle vicariously through you!

  3. nice job trey! sitting in Lima waiting for the plane back to Europe after some nice skiing and mountaineering in the Cordillera Blanca. I know we are no Chamonerds but you should write something about our project dude!! Spread the word, it´s charity after all!!

  4. Good stuff Trey, much better than Le Dauphine!
    A nice way for hermits and bros abroad to keep in check with the latest interesting developments. I got a little ‘bad trad’ (bad translation) thing I was working on a while ago but never did anything with that might amuse, I’ll dig it out…

  5. OK, you scored a home run. Great blog and info. Covering all the bases. Makes me wish I was taking photographs there right now.


  6. TBone, looks good man!

  7. Hi,

    just found your blog via the comments section of Awesome blog. Makes me want to go back to Chamonix again this winter (last time I was there was in 2006 so it might be time again). I am pretty eager to see the awesomeness of this blog even increasing when the snow starts rolling in.

    • Thanks for the good words, Helmut. More great skiing posts on the way soon. Keep your eyes out for my Chamonix ski review in the next few days.

  8. Sweet flight by Felix and tunes to match. Nothing like livin’ it.
    Keep it rollin’

    • Yeah, Felix is da man. And I bet the Black Angels are insane live so go see ’em the next time they’re in da hood and write me up a review. I’m sure that if you mention the ChamonixInsider they’ll hook you up with a handful of VIP backstage passes and complimentary Ziegen Bock.

      Either that or they’ll toss you in the hoosgow for copyright infringement.

  9. What a small world. I was checking out the Plake vid about the Dalbello Virus when I saw some dude that looked familiar in the beginning of the clip. It took me a while to figure it out. I was a warehouse rat at Wave Rave for a short stint back in the day before you headed off to rep in Europe.

    Cool to see you are still living the life. Cheers.

    • You’re not the guy who kept making all the mistakes packing orders before we discovered he was legally blind, are you? Ah, the golden years of Wave Rave. Those were the days, eh?

  10. Happy New Year Trey.
    Keep up the good work.
    Some day I will have to make it over there to ride with you. You still Snowboard sometimes – right?


    • Nah, that snowboarding malarkey is so 1989. I’ve pretty much converted full time to the snowlerblades these days. You should see my wicked backscratchers!

  11. Trey – check out all the old video footage and interviews here.

  12. Lorie Plowman

    Boulder and Le Peep were MANY years ago but when I read about the tragedy on K2 and I wanted to reach out and say sorry. The world has lost a great skier and you have lost a great friend. Stay safe.

  13. love ya dude, thought about you every minute today. get home to lj safe, meet me in austin for a drink. my heart is with you.

    anne g.

  14. have you got a newsletter.
    please sign me in ..

    • Hi Roland, I’m working on getting the weekly newsletter up and running again. Until then, if you want to receive each new post directly to your Inbox then look in the right-hand column beneath the Facebook button. Click on ‘Subscribe’ and follow the directions. If you have any problems, let me know.


    Insider worthy:
    Colorado doesn’t suck after all….

  16. charlie courchevel

    we covet your bagels your micro brewerie and you web site

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