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Chamonix Homeboy Tristan Knoertzer Shreds Gulmarg on Salomon Freeski TV

Gulmarg HeliskiHow ’bout that latest edition of Salomon Freeski TV which features Chamonix loc Tristan Knoertzer ripping the trees around Gulmarg, Kashmir.

Tristan Knoertzer

Gulmarg skiing



Davide Capozzi and Stefano Bigio Nail First Descent on Mont Rochefort

Stefano Bigio

Meanwhile over on the sunny side, Davide Capozzi and Stefano Bigio stuck a first descent down the SW face of Mont Rochefort – a route they’ve been eyeing for years.

Davide CapozziIn a post on, Capozzi reports, “The descent is continuously exposed, down 45° – 50° slopes. The snow varied considerably since it hadn’t settled completely. We made [two] abseils [down] the final section, one 50m abseil followed by a second, shorter one.”

Capozzi and Bigio rate the route 5.2 E3 and called it Pente a Rémy in honor of Rémy Lecluse who originally suggested skiing the line together.

Check out the full story on

Davide Capozzi, Stefano Bigio

TV Mountain’s Chamonix Snow Report: Col du Chardonnet

Col du Chardonnet

It may be getting harder to find freshies but the first warm, sunny days in weeks means only the most hardcore whingers are complaining.

Chamonix-meteo calling 5-20cm at 1000m with the disclaimer, “Snow amount depending partly on the barrier effect against the northern slopes of the massifs is difficult to evaluate.” Everyone else guessing between 3-7cm at 2000m with nothing else forecast for the next few days.

Did I mention the sun’s out?

Big thanks TV Mountain,, Fanny Gras and Michel Bordet. Diggin’ the music on this one.

Rats in the Shadow or The Shocking Truth Behind My Big Black Eye by Nate Wallace


Just another day out with Nate, Yo, Bullitt, Thor, Seth, Maria, Oli, Plake and American Dave.

Shout out to Nate for the footy. Keep your eyes on the fall line, amigo.


One Step Beyond: Géraldine Fasnacht Through the Eyes of Seb Montaz

One Step Beyond

“In life, it’s our choice whether we laugh or cry.”

If there’s anyone who’s had reason to cry it’s snowboarder, BASE jumper and wingsuit flyer Géraldine Fasnacht. To understand what this young woman has been through and how she’s found the inner strength to bounce back is a testament to her extraordinary character.

T. Rice Supernatural – Bullets For Everybody


Newsflash! Scientists have discovered life outside the bubble.


Felix Hentz Rest in Peace

Blessed are the dead,

for they have been given wings to fly.