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Ode Siivonen’s Big Mountain Shred Clinic: Lesson #1

Sharpen up those pencils, boys. You’re gonna want to take notes here…

And just because Ode makes this all look so easy, here’s that last couloir in Ode’s video as ridden by 2011 Freeride World Tour champion, Mitch Tölderer.


Ski Porn Smackdown: YES It’s a Movie vs TGR One For the Road

If you’re short on time, patience or both you might want to skip on over to 00:54. If you could also care less about matching names with the boyishly handsome faces then boost on up to 1:15. From there on out, you’re stoked.

Rather stab yourself in the eye with a fork than endure the pain of sitting through another cheesy TGR intro script? Why then you’ve got a solid :50 to get to the silverware drawer, get things over with, tidy up a bit (never know when someone might drop in for tea) and make it back to the monitor before the switches start flipping.

I’ve also got to warn you that this vid’s got quite possibly the ugliest grab I’ve ever seen in skiing. And keep in mind that I’m a guy who thinks about 98% of all ski/blade grabs (outside the halfpipe) are heinous atrocities perpetuated upon all mankind. So if you’re at all squeamish, have a weak heart, or if there are young, impressionable children in the room then I forewarn you to switch back to the MMA channel before any lasting damage is done.

On the other hand, One For the Road is clearly filled with TGR’s trademark combination of outstanding lensmanship and big mountain rhino chasing including what looks like might be the sickest backflip captured onscreen since Damian Sanders’ big Iguana in … in…. in ….? Aaaaaaarrrrrghhhhh, someone help me out. Can’t think of the name of the vid… Graham, Seoane, Roach… ???

Anyway, they’re only teasers and it’s only August and there’s only 50cm of fresh snow in the Andes and at least we’ve got that to be thankful for. Hang in there.Yes It's a Movie

Climbing Porn: The Moonflower

The video about Jon Bracey and Matt Helliker’s recent climb of Alaska’s Mount Hunter is due out in August. Here’s a little teaser.