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5 responses to “Eat/Drink

  1. Les Praz
    —Hotel Eden—
    A lovely hotel/restaurant the other side of Chamonix, with a very good vegetarian selection.
    04 50 53 18 43

  2. Servoz
    —Hotel des Gorges—
    Serving excellent french cuisine in charming surroundings.
    04 50 47 20 97

  3. Les Houches
    —Les Vieilles Luges— (on the slopes)
    A charming mountain restaurant offering excellent meals ‘off piste’. Halfway down the Aillouds blue run you will see a signpost off to the left taking you down a small ski path to the restaurant. A similar path gives you access back onto the piste after your meal. Gets busy, so get there early!
    06 84 42 37 00

  4. Well, one must certainly begin the Chamonix culinary experience with a visit to Munchies Restaurant down by the river on Rue Du Moulin in Chamonix proper. Although our tastes are developing in this small valley from season to season, this is one degustation experience that has kept on giving for close to 10 years now. Popular with celebrities and ski bums alike, you’ll find a delectable mix of taste from asia, europe and the americas. Don’t miss it!

  5. They say that although you can always remember your first time, it may not always be memorable, but that certainly isn’t the case with my first Chamonix dining experience – it is engrained, nah scorched, on both my memory and my palette with equal severity and longing.
    And the joy doesn’t stop with that distant, singular memory, for this is verily the gift that keeps on giving.
    What started as an almost amateur undertaking – crepes and sandwiches served from under large umbrella catering to drunken clubbers has grown into the town’s premier sandwicherie, serving drunken pub goers too, not to mention (those bravest of the brave), those that venture hither during daylight hours.
    T’is true, many have come and gone in the time that this establishment has moved from under the umbrella to over the counter – and against all odds, some may even stay – foolishly hoping that one day, they too will achieve greatness. However, these Johnny Come Lately’s will always fail to hold even the faintest of candles to the shining beacon of culinary excellence that is the ‘Trois fromage, sans salade, supplement frites, sauce ketchup/mayonnaise/moutard’…. ‘bien cuit, s’il vous plait!’
    Ladies, Gentlemen, Stray Dogs and Tourists alike… come one, come all, for I give you La Belouga… open day and night, 365 days of the year – an ever-welcoming, all-encompassing light in the darkened world of hunger and want.

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