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TV Mountain’s Chamonix Snow Report – 10 Jan 2012 – Glacier des Drus

Glacier des Drus

There are still freshies within easy reach of the lifts…

Glacier des Drus

Glacier des Drus

… Then again, they’re not called hardcores because of the number of laps they can do on the Brochard in a day.

Glacier des Drus

Glacier des Drus

Glacier des Drus

Big up to Michel Bordet, Philippe Collet, Fred Souchon, TV Mountain and for a mighty fine snow report.

Glacier des Drus


I Decided to Post Nuit de la Glisse’s New Teaser At The Very Last Moment

There I was, having a great day, minding my own business, when a link to the new Nuit de la Glisse vid pops up in my Inbox. Sweet! I’ll just plug it in and …

… you know, there are a lot of things I really could have done without today, one of which was seeing one of the bruthas nearly getting swept over a huge cliff by a surface release on a steep slope in Greenland.

But seeing how I’m the kinda guy who prefers to focus on the positive, you really need to take a peek, especially you pinheads in the crowd, because it looks like once again Thierry’s captured some amazing footage.

Nuit de le Glisse – At the Very Last Moment is hitting theaters near you on December 8th.

Maël Brasey Speed Riding in Chamonix

Woooooooo!!!!!! – Maël Brasey

Man, just when you’d thought you’d seen it all, a vid like this hits your screen and raises the bar.

Mad, right? Read on to learn a bit more about the man between the canopy and the skis…

Name: Maël Brasey

Age: 24

Born: near Lyon

Chamonix: 18 years

The why: Je fais du speed depuis 5 ans. J’aime le ski, la montagne, voler vite et pouvoir melanger tout ca, ça ouvre pleins de nouveaux terrains de jeu. C’est des sensations incroyables.

Dreams: Pouvoir pratiquer ma passion à fond et realiser certains projets….

Radness: Un vol en wingsuit de Matt Guerdes sur l’Aiguille du Gouter sur sa vidéo Ground Effect. Un peu plus de 6 mois, mais Antoine Montant qui slide un ancien cable de telepherique en speed riding et qui ride en ski le Frendo dans la face nord de l’Aiguille du Midi avant de sortir la voile de speed au bout du sérac. Ainsi que Cyrilde Pinard et François Bon partis faire une expedition pour gravir et redescendre en speed riding le Mustagh Ata (7546m) au Kirghizistan. [Interview made in July 2011 -ed]

If you could change one thing in Chamonix: Obtenir plus de respect et de reconnaissance pour les saisonniers.

Shout outs: Il y a beaucoup de personnes dans la vallée qui pratiquent des sports engagés (parapente, speed riding, base jump, ski, alpinisme, mountain bike…)

Importance: Se faire plaisir dans ce que l’on fait 🙂

Last words: “Emancipate yourselves from the mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds.” –Bob Marley

To see more of Maël’s speed riding vids and base tuning techniques, check out his page on

Shamed by Mono

If all those who had ever been passed by a monoskier were shamed into wearing balaclavas like Yo here, Chamonix would look like a city of bank robbers…

…but I’ll gladly join him in the brotherhood of the balaclava as long as I never (OK, perhaps occasionally) have to endure the humiliation of the butt wiggle.

Muchas gracias to alert reader Iker Aguirre for the heads up!

Antoine Montant Dies in BASE Jumping Accident

Sadly, it’s been confirmed that Antoine Montant has died as the result of an apparent wingsuit flying accident. His body was found in the Collet d’Anterne area in Haute Savoie with his unopened parachute still inside the container. An article on reports:

“Sunday morning at 5 am. Antoine’s girlfriend called attention on Facebook that he is missing since saturday afternoon after he went for a BASE jump in the area of Collet d’Anterne in Haute Savoie, France. Just a few hours later many people such as friends, mountain guides, paragliders, base jumpers got together for the search of Antoine. In the afternoon the terrible news hit the scene, that they found him dead in the mountains.”

Antoine was an accomplished extreme skier, one of the world’s best acro paragliders, multiple speed riding champion, and BASE jumper. Read more about Antoine on

Among his many extraordinary exploits were the first speed flying descent of the Eiger and the original speed riding cable grind on the old Chamonix lift station. Antoine was 30 years old.
Portrait Antoine Montant par AMontant

Condolences are being left on Antoine’s Facebook page. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Blessed are the dead

For they have been given wings to fly.

***UPDATE*** Teaser Tuesday: Chamonix Adventure Film Festival 2011

climbing film

Corey Richards having an adventure in the film 'As It Happens'.

Wednesday, 24 August 9:00 p.m. 

***Free screening – Salle Olca, Les Houches  – 21:00***

Ever Last & The Love Letter – 4 + 14 min. “An insight into the life of Krissy Moehl, 2x UTMB women’s champion.”

As It Happens – 16 min. “Renan Ozturk & Cory Richards attempt to establish a new technical alpine route on 6,498m Tawoche in Nepal.”

On a Marché Sous le Pôle – “Eight explorers and a husky are dropped 60kms from the geographic North Pole, in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. Their aim is to make the first filmed report from below the ice shelf.”

Mo’ beta at

Friday, 19 August 7:00 p.m.

Dark Side of the Lens – moody 7-minute surf film.

Life Cycles – 47 min. of amazing cinematography and mountain bikes

Arctic Speed – 10 min. Exploring the Polar Circle on skis and by speed riding.

Dream World – 8 min. Documentary on free-runner Jason Paul

The Wild Line – 20 min. Four speed riders, a mountain guide and a cameraman travel to China to attempt the first speed ride descent of 7546-metre Mustagh Ata.

Azadi Freedom – 27 min. This film takes a look at Kashmir in the wake of the violent militant insurgence of the 90s, and the current rise in tourism thanks to skiing.

Skateistan – 10 min. “Film telling the story of two young skateboarders and their search for escape from the brutalities of war through skating.”

The Argentine Project – 10 min. “Three friends taking a trip and hoping to create a film with one bike, two cameras, and a few words of Spanish.

Saturday, 20 August 7:00 p.m.

Panik in Baffin – 2 min. ***Chamonix Homegrown!*** “Four girls head to Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle in April 2011 to ski couloirs and explore unknown territory.

Feel the Hill – 17 min. “The multiple disciplines of longboarding and the sense of freedom that comes with the sport.”

WildWater – 31 min. “A visually stunning feast for the senses… a new kind of adventure film – one where image, sound and ideas trump all else.”

Kilian’s Quest – 30 min. “Kilian meets his long-time hero and inspiration, Bruno Brunod, and travels to Greece to attempt a record on Mount Olympus

Climate of Change – 86 min. “In this rich and inspiring documentary, director Brian Hill takes us around the world to find the ordinary people taking action in the fight to save our environment.

Sunday, 21 August 7:00 p.m.

Solitaire– 15 min. Ski vid with Chamonix’s ‘American Dave’ Rosenbarger, JP Auclair, Will Cardamone, Johnny Collinson,  Jacqui Edgerly, Kip Garre, Elyse Saugstad.

Eastern Rises – 39 min. “An epic fly fishing journey to Russia’s remote Kamchatka Peninsula. What we found… big, beautiful, mouse-crushing native rainbow trout, super kudzha and bigfoot in Russia’s far, far east.

Second Nature – 14 min. Guys on longboards, blue suits and beards. “Winner: Best Extreme Sports Film at the 2009 Mammoth Film Festival! Winner: Best Short Film at the 2010 X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival. Winner: Best Sports Film at the 2010 Sonoma International Film Festival. Winner: Best Adventure Sport film at the 5 Point Film Festival in Colorado.”

Moonflower – 2 min. ***Chamonix homegrown!*** Teaser for Jon Bracey and Matt Helliker’s film of their ballsy ascent of the Moonflower Buttress on Mt. Hunter in Alaska.

Summit 4 Kids – 15 min. “Laura Bohleber, Marja Persson and Giulia Monego attempt to summit and ski three of the highest mountains in the Peruvian section of the Andes to raise money for disadvantaged children living in the Peruvian city of Cajamarca.

Vertical Sailing – 50 min. “Nico & Olivier Favresse, Sean Villanueva and Ben Ditto take us on their latest climbing and sailing adventure to Greenland in search of virgin big walls. Nine new routes on six big walls earned them a Piolet d’Or award.”

Ski Porn Smackdown: Instant vs Edge of Never

'Instant' by Perfect Moment / Nuit de la Glisse

Charlie Sarragalet (RIP) – 'Instant' by Perfect Moment / Nuit de la Glisse

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ve been a bit slack lately getting the posts up and the backlog is building. Anyway, in this installment of the Ski Porn Smackdown you’re getting two different vids and they’re both tied to Chamonix. First up is Thierry Donard’s Perfect Moment / Nuit de la Glisse film, Instant.

Now, I’ve always wondered why a filmmaker who lives in Chamonix would travel to the far corners of the earth when the best lines are certainly here. I mean that’s why we live here, right? Well, the epic season of ’08/09 was just too amazing to neglect and Thierry stayed home to shoot local hellmen like Mic Devor, Karsten Gefle, Mike Lamy and Fred Syversen shredding their home turf where they charge hardest.

Now for the benefit of those who live outside the valley I should stop right here and mention that conditions are never like this in Chamonix. In fact most of this film was shot either on bulletproof blue ice with Thierry’s battalion of special FX logging some serious overtime to magically create the untracked, deep powder imagery that appears on the screen. Either that or it was shot in the Arlberg where they have waaaay more powder and much smaller lift queues and complimentary weiss beer served by flirtatious young fräuleins at the bottom of every lift. Man if I wasn’t stuck here in this dump that’s where I’d be for sure.

Anyway, there’s also some amazing base jump, wingsuit, proximity flying, and speed riding courtesy of Chamonix’s resident lunatics Jean-Noël Itzst, Robert Pecnik, Alex Aimard and recently deceased Charlie Sarragallet that is simply not to be missed. The progression of these … erm … leisure activities is mind-blowing.

There’s a free preview in Annecy at the Pop Plage on 30 October at 23:00 and a premiere in Chamonix on 31 October. These nights are not to be missed.

Edge of Never

And our next entry in today’s Ski Porn Smackdown is Edge of Never. “A documentary feature film set in the world of big mountain skiing, The Edge of Never is a real life coming of age saga about the tribe of skiers who challenge the biggest, most dangerous mountains…”

[Cue scary music] … “In the World’s MOST DANGEROUS Mountains. No one rides ALONE.”

Oh my.

Anyway don’t let the spray put you off this vid because it looks like it’s a great story. Extreme skier Trevor Peterson died back in the day while filming in Chamonix leaving behind a wife and a few children. His son Kye grows up and turns out to be what looks like a pretty solid little ripper. He bravely decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and travels to Chamonix. With Glen Plake, Mike Hattrup and others (rare cameo appearance by Nate Wallace!) as his mentors, he prepares to ski the line that killed his father, the Glacier Rond.

Reviews on the net are super positive. There’s evidently a book about the story as well and Steve McQueen gives it two thumbs up. Or was that the conversation about Steve House’s new book? What the heck, read ’em both and cover all the bases.