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Steep and Deep for Auré, Leo and Pica in the Couloir du Gypaète

chamlines_s03e02_Couloirdu Gypaete

A casual 55˚

Ep 2 of Aurélien Ducroz’s ChamLines is a beauty, indeed.

Aurélien Ducroz, Leo Slemett and noted steep line slayer Julien ‘Pica’ Herry head down valley to the Couloir du Gypaète above Plateau d’Assy.

The east-facing couloir has around 500 vertical meters with another 500 meters of approach/cruisey pow turns below it. The majority of the line rests at 45˚ with the top 150m closer to 55˚.  And you’ll also see from the vid that there are sections so narrow that the only option is pointing it or rappelling. Any guesses as to which road this crew took?




Chamonix Homeboy Tristan Knoertzer Shreds Gulmarg on Salomon Freeski TV

Gulmarg HeliskiHow ’bout that latest edition of Salomon Freeski TV which features Chamonix loc Tristan Knoertzer ripping the trees around Gulmarg, Kashmir.

Tristan Knoertzer

Gulmarg skiing


Rats in the Shadow or The Shocking Truth Behind My Big Black Eye by Nate Wallace


Just another day out with Nate, Yo, Bullitt, Thor, Seth, Maria, Oli, Plake and American Dave.

Shout out to Nate for the footy. Keep your eyes on the fall line, amigo.


One Step Beyond: Géraldine Fasnacht Through the Eyes of Seb Montaz

One Step Beyond

“In life, it’s our choice whether we laugh or cry.”

If there’s anyone who’s had reason to cry it’s snowboarder, BASE jumper and wingsuit flyer Géraldine Fasnacht. To understand what this young woman has been through and how she’s found the inner strength to bounce back is a testament to her extraordinary character.

Andreas Fransson Skis Mercedario or How Andreas and Bjarne Walked Across South America With Skis on Their Packs

south face Mercredario Argentina

You walked how many days for this?

Andreas: It’s not possible to ski here?

Local: No

Andreas: No?

Local: It’s finished. The season is finished.

Andreas Fransson and Bjarne Sahlén’s ‘ski’ trip through South America just keeps getting better and better. And no, I don’t mean the skiing…

How does a 40k,  2000 vertical meter walk-in sound to you? Yeah, I think I’ll give that one a miss as well.

In this episode, Andreas is gunning for the south face of 6720m Mercedario, the eighth highest mountain in the Andes. In the vid, Andreas calls it ‘The Dream Face’ but this ice sheet with a bit of sugar on top looks anything but dreamy to me.

Andreas Fransson

Mercredario, south face, 2000m, 40-45˚

But the greatest thing about this entire ordeal is how the attitudes of our two intrepid adventurers never falter and each new roadblock just seems to make them laugh and become that much more determined to make it happen.

Gotta love these guys, especially because they’re not afraid to nude up to liven up an episode.

Mercreadrio, South America

TVMountain/TeCrew Video Snow Report

Looks like the fine crew over at will be picking up where Seb Montaz left off by filing regular video snow reports throughout the season thanks to support from This episode we get the pleasure of viewing the fine talents of the Te Crew, some of whom are back from their successful expedition to the Garhwal Himalaya. Welcome home, indeed.

Keep in mind that it’s pretty much been puking snow non-stop since this video was shot. When the lifts finally re-open there’s going to be some big days but keep in mind that along with the snow we’ve had gale force winds up high, which means foolhardy riders will die in avalanches. Make sure it’s not you or your bros.

Danny MacAskill’s Latest in a Long Line of Wildly Successful Attempts at Making the Rest of Us Look Like Complete Kooks

This is getting ridiculous.

And if these are the kind of shenanigans that float your boat, then you won’t want to miss the Vanois crew’s trials antics in/on the Vanois Express téléfreak. FYI, that’s a 400-meter drop they’re looking at…