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Snowboard Porn Smackdown: Klaustrophobiatch-erific

You wanna know what Klaustrophobiatch means? I’ll tell you what it means. It’s how you feel when one o’ them hoity-toity foreigners with their tight pants and perfectly casual hairdos comes up with a word you wished you’d have thought of and English ain’t even their first language!

And Carlos, I know you consider English to be a second language for me too (especially after reading the sentence above. Maybe I need to slow down on the Sarah Palin fail vids for awhile) but don’t change the subject.

Anyway, here’s the full download of the second and last video from Ducksjen. Yep, you read that right. Second and last. Alas, Ducksjen, we hardly knew ya but what we saw was truly inspiring. Here’s hoping this isn’t … oops, I mean ‘ain’t’ …  the last we’ll be seeing of the wildly talented Kasper Häggstrøm.


Ski K2 2010 Video

Tease Me, Snowboard – Nice Try

OK, I’m back in Chamonix and yes, the Calanques is an amazing place to climb. Yeah, yeah, it’s a little polished – OK, it’s a lot polished – but that only means you focus harder on those placements, right? I mean, what’s so bad about trying to edge on a bit of teflon-coated glass when you’re climbing in swimming trunks and you’ve got a beautiful blue Mediterranean sea to fall into?

Anyway, back in the mountains now with a bunch of great ideas for content so stay tuned and hopefully this lovely new teaser from People Creative will keep you occupied while I delete my Inbox. Hang on until the end for the killer bail section.

Question du Jour: why can’t ski vids be more like snowboard vids with less cheesy voiceover and mo’ betta’ soundtrack and bail sections?

Ski-o-licious 2010 – Dynastar

So Frippe and I went up the Midi yesterday to put together the little video you see above. We were thinking, OK it’s a ski vid so there’s gotta be snow in the background, right? That, and the forecast for a beautiful autumn day was all I needed to pull me away from the computer to go hang out in the sun at the top of the Midi and strut around like a hotshot film producer. “Can everyone on the deck please stay quiet for three minutes while we do this take? Thank you and roll ‘em!”

Anyway, on the way up, we’re checking out climbing routes, as you do, and what do we see but fresh tracks down the Mallory! Ski tracks!! In September!!! I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the season as much as anyone, but whomever made those must have a permanent address on Planet Jones. Respect.

So we go up and do our thing – man, what a gorgeous day: climbers everywhere, paragliders launching from Mont Blanc, Japanese tourists by the truckloads – and on the way down we run into a guy with a pair of prototype skis in his hand and a huuuuuuge grin on his face. Turns out Tom designs the skis himself with recycled wood cores and a hemp top sheet and he’s pressing them here in Chamonix. Right on, Tom. More on his project in an upcoming post.

Anyway, there I was this whole time thinking I’m the only guy in town who’s got the jones, and feeling like there’s no real rush getting my 2010 ski guide up (Snell doesn’t even get their skis in the store until October), when in fact it’s as ubiquitous as the changing colors of the leaves.

So here it comes. A different brand every few days for the next several weeks (except for next week when I’ll be getting in one last blast of warm weather bolt clipping). And of course, I’ll also be throwing out a video teaser every so often ‘cause you all know how much I love the ski porn.

Autumn’s here, nights are getting colder, colors are changing. Breathe deep and smell the stoke.

Dynastar 2009/10

6ht Sense Huge, Big Dump, Pro XXL, Pro Rider

6th Sense Huge - Big Dump - Pro XXL - Pro Rider


Take one look at the Big Dump – a big, stiff ski for guys and gals with tree stumps for legs – and you’ll realize Dynastar’s Legend Series is all about charging hard. The Pro XXL and Pro Rider don’t seem to have changed much since last season when the crew in CHX  skied them and loved them: the XXL for its  all-mountain versatility and the Pro Rider for its performance as a touring and steeps ski for some, and as an all-mountain enduro for a whole lot of others.

I’m also hearing about another big ski called the 6th Sense Huge that, with the big twins, looks a lot more versatile. Frippe’s telling me it’s included in the Freestyle Series for a good reason and if you’re into spinning off big cliffs then the 6th Sense Huge is a ski you’re probably gonna want to look into.

To see Dynastar’s full line check out www.dynastar.com.

Mo Poc on the Bloc

JDP Images©

Martin Söderström / JDP Images

You find the craziest things on YouTube these days. Like this vid from the killer Poc event held on main street this summer. Now that was a party.

And if you’re into that then you might as well check this one out too. The first double front flip ever on a BMX. OK, OK, it doesn’t have anything to do with Chamonix but hey, you gotta respect the skills, eh?

Suffer Well (UTMB remix)

I thought I’d had enough of this silly over-hill-down-dale scamper they call the Ultra Trail but then I saw some vids that did a darn good job of showing what these mentalists go through and so I thought I’d make one last post. But this is it. No more short shorts after this, I promise. Not on men anyway. If they happen to be subtly concealing the svelte hips of some kind of glamazon snow princess well then I guess I could make an exception… UTMB start, sunset, headlamps on. No picnic on the Ultra Trail. Cold, dark, wind, rain – Jornet Kilian at the top of one of the first passes followed by morning fog and finally … sunshine. Kilian crossing the finish. Homey doesn’t even look tired. Second and third place finishers Sébastien Chaigneau and Tsuyoshi Kaburaki still on the trail, looking strong. Story goes that Kaburaki got lost for 20 minutes in the fog before happening upon Chaigneau and finishing the race together.