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Lions in Winter – Te Crew Slays South Face of Les Courtes

TV Mountain Chamonix Snow ReportSo it’s been a few days since the last snowfall and the latest influx of tourists are wondering where to find the freshies. Lucky for us, TV Mountain and the Te Crew have put together an easy-to-follow, step-by-step video showing us all where to go to find the goods. First, climb the Voie des Suisses (IV, 3, 800m – ‘le plus bel itinéraire de la face’) on the north face of Les Courtes. Don’t forget your crampons.

TV Mountain Chamonix Snow Report

Then, after a leisurely lunch and massage at the 3-star spa at the top of the route, get yourself ready to shred the sunny south face of Les Courtes which, at 700m of 40-45˚/55˚ (5.2), you’ll no doubt be wondering why you’ve got it all to yourself.

TV Mountain Chamonix Snow Report

TV Mountain Chamonix Snow Report

Big up to TV Mountain and Chamonix.net for another fine snow report. Curses to Alexandre Marchesseau, Florent Gex and Luc Mongellaz for making it all look so easy.


TVMountain/TeCrew Video Snow Report

Looks like the fine crew over at TVMountain.com will be picking up where Seb Montaz left off by filing regular video snow reports throughout the season thanks to support from Chamonix.net. This episode we get the pleasure of viewing the fine talents of the Te Crew, some of whom are back from their successful expedition to the Garhwal Himalaya. Welcome home, indeed.

Keep in mind that it’s pretty much been puking snow non-stop since this video was shot. When the lifts finally re-open there’s going to be some big days but keep in mind that along with the snow we’ve had gale force winds up high, which means foolhardy riders will die in avalanches. Make sure it’s not you or your bros.

Lions in Winter – TeCrew Summits & Skis Satopanth

Florent, Remi and Alex on the summit of Satopanth.

Great news from TeCrew’s Suraksita Yatra Expedition – SUMMIT!!!!

The crew are back in Delhi after three weeks in the Garhwal Himalaya of India.

Satopanth (7075m), Garhwal Himalaya

During that time Florent Gex, Remi Peschier and Alex Marchesseau pulled off the first winter ascent, the first ski descent, and the first monoski descent of 7075m Satopanth.

“Nous sommes tres heureux, on a bien maigri et on soigne nos doigts qui ont souffert du froid.”

Florent, Remi and Alex will soon be leaving Delhi and head south to Mount Abu in Rajasthan for the second part of their project. And if you’re wondering what happened to Romain whom we initially reported as being a part of the expedition, he was unable to make the trip due to visa problems.

Envoi du gros!

Chamonix’s Te Crew Off For a Hot Cuppa Alpine Altruism in India

Chamonix Te Crew

Satopanth, Garhwal Himalaya

Chamonix’s Te Crew has headed out for a two-month expedition to India. The team includes Alex Marchesseau, Florent Gex, Remi Peschier and Romain Aubrun.

Chamonix Te Crew

Alex Marchesseau

The team’s mission is two-fold, first of which is a ski and monoski descent of the 55˚ northwest arête of 7075m Satopanth in the Garhwal Himalaya. The expedition involves (got your Google Earth ready?) a 3-day approach from the village of Gangotri (3000m) up the Gangotri glacier, past Shivling to their base camp at 4800 meters. From there they will place Camp 1 at 5500m, C2 at 6000m and C3 at 6400m.

Chamonix Te Crew

Florent Gex

The second half of the expedition is to head south to the Mt Abu climbing school in Rajasthan with a load of climbing gear. Their goal is to contribute the gear and their efforts to the climbing school which helps underprivileged children from Mumbai’s suburbs.

After traveling in several third world countries, Te Crew is re-interpreting the idea of expeditions in third world countries and it is

Chamonix Te Crew

Remi Peschier

their plan to do their best to help improve living conditions in the countries that welcome them. Nice one, gents.

Satopanth is located in Gangotri National Park near the western border of Nepal. Apparently it’s the source of the Ganges river – cool.

Mount Abu (1722m) is in the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary in southern Rajasthan about

Chamonix Te Crew

Romain Aubrun

100 km west of Udaipur. It is a highly-symbolic place where Hindus go to pray at the many temples.

Te Crew is an organization of young Chamoniards who are passionate about all things alpine. Their purpose is to help young people achieve their alpine objectives and to look beyond their cultural horizons.

Garhwal HimalayaThe crew plans to be back in Chamonix on November 7th. Follow their blog at http://www.suraksitayatra.blogspot.com/.

Shout out to Millet for their continued support of Te Crew.