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Chamonix Lift Schedules – Spring/Summer 2010

Sunny skies, bare thighs and a fire in her eyes. Gotta love spring skiing.

With the season coming to a close lots of folks are wondering how much time they have to get to the beach and get that summer tan going before it’s time to get back here in time for the opening of mountain bike season. Well fret no more. Here at the ChamonixInsider we’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

The exact opening and closing hours are too convoluted to list so you’ll have to weave your way through the myriad Summer 2010 timetables here if you need to know what time to queue up for first tracks.

And what about Les Houches, I hear you ask. Well, after bumbling around their website looking for the lift schedule (pretty basic info, right?) for 10 minutes I found a calendar of events that didn’t even list the dates and I finally gave up. For info on the Bike Park at Les Houches (except, of course, lift opening dates – grrrrrr), check out this website. C’mon Les Houches, get it sorted.

[ADDENDUM: just got a very brief email from the Les Houches crew. They open June 12.]

And of course, any chance to ski in a silly outfit (other than the one you normally wear) is a day not to be missed. So don’t miss the Freeride Days at Les Grands Montets on May 2nd. Always good fun.


Milner’s Waffle House

"Hmmm, looks like a pair of lycra shorts wrapped around the drive train. What was that you said about hearing a strange thump while you were texting a few miles back?"

Now there’s few things I love more than a good old fashioned waffle, and nobody serves it up better than the notorious waffle king himself, Dan ‘The Man’ Milner. And as luck would have it, you can join me at 8pm on Thursday (7 Jan) at Chamonix’s best freeride hotel, Le Vert, for Dan’s annual Year of the Bike slide show.

This year’s performance will not only feature Dan’s amazing images from Mallorca, Chamonix, Lake Tahoe, and Nepal but in addition, those lucky enough to attend will be treated to Dan’s infamous waffle which historically leaves most of us in tears … one way or another.

So whether you’re a mountain biker or not, this is a great night out that really shouldn’t be missed. And for those who might not have the stomach for Dan’s waffle, fear not. Le Vert will be doing what they do best with great food and drink all night long.

POC on the Bloc

Picture 1

graphic design: ToToyaWithLove@yahoo.se

Hell yeah, Chamonix is a two-wheeled town. A quick spin through the streets and you’ll see everything from mountain bikes worth more than any car I’ve ever owned to punk BMXers to super-tech road racers to an eclectic array of coffee bikes (not to be confused with cafe racers). So when I say the CHX Massif is rollin large, yo, it really has nothing to do with any sort of gangsta activity at all (we could use a lot less o’ that actually), it’s all about the bikes, man.

So it’s nothing but hearts and flowers from our end when we hear about a new bike event in town. Seems as though new kids on the block, POC – the brand who not only brought high design to our high street but who also share our fanatical enthusiasm for bikes – have decided to throw a bit of a freewheelin’ fiesta in front of the shop.

This Thursday, 30 July, is going to be Magic. Magic as in, they’ll be building a big, magical ramp in front of the store that pro riders Remy Meugnier, Florian Gabit and the silky smooth sweet3tablemartinMartin Söderström will use to magically change themselves from surly, angst-ridden, disaffected youth into super-talented, high-flying stuntmen. Spoonbread and DJ Blo are going to be spinning their own kinda funkytown magic and there’s going to be wheelie and ollie competitions open to anyone with the self-perceived skills to enter. If all that doesn’t blow your hair back then you can watch the latest and greatest action sports vids on the big magic screen. Man, the POC crew have thought of everything (except, tragically, a ping pong table).

But for sure the best thing about this whole phat tire fandango is how local retailers have rallied around the event by donating prizes to be raffled off with all proceeds going to Wheels 4 Life, a non-profit organization set up by legendary rider Hans Rey that provides bikes for people in developing countries.

So big ol’ high-flyin’ doubkle shakas to POC’s Toya and Malin from the valley’s two-wheeled tribe. We’ll be hosing off the mud and polishing up the chrome in preparation for Thursday.


Uphill Downhill

With the opening of the Flégère and Grands Montets cable cars this weekend, all lifts will now be Breventopen including the Les Bossons lift which has been closed for years.

Tickets at Les Bossons will cost €8 for a one-way trip, €11 round trip, and €12 for a four-hour pass for those interested in charging the new four kilometer downhill mountain bike run.

The Les Bossons lift will open each day at 8:30 and close at 17:30 through 10 July, and from 8:30 to 18:30 from 11 July to 13 September.

LeTour will be installing bike racks on the chairlifts to provide access to a couple of new  downhill tracks at Balme including bike racks on the chairlifts.

In addition, there will be more new developments over the next two years at Brevent-Flégère.

The third stage of development will be a freeride area at Lognans-Grands Montets. The goal is to develop early and late summer biking.

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