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Milner’s Waffle House: Terje and Jeremy Show Us Their Guns


It goes without saying that snowboarding is one of the funnest things you can do in the mountains with your trousers on. But hey, coming in an awfully close second is shooting guns, which is why serial waffler, Mr Dan ‘Pro Lens (Amateur Body)’ Milner has come up with the ingenious idea of putting it all together in a slide show.

And as if that’s not enough, the ones doing all the shootin’ (or would that be chutin’?) are some of the sport’s most legendary figures: Jeremy Jones, The Cat and, it goes without saying, the lovely and talented Angie Wardell.

Tonight, 20:30, don’t forget your heckle hat.


Tele Teaser Tuesday x 4 – Deeper, The Way I See It, Reel Rock 2010, Action Heroes

OK, I know it’s not Tuesday and there ain’t no telemark teasers in here either. Sorry to disappoint. But Jeremy Jones is coming to visit and I thought the neighborly thing to do might be to big up his video premier this Sunday night at Le Cinema Vox at 21:30. From what I’ve heard tix are selling out fast so best purchase in advance if you’re interested in getting a seat. 2 out of the 10 skin ticket price goes to Protect Our Winters, Jeremy’s non-profit, global warming awareness organization.

And for those not into snowboarding here’s one that I initially thought I was going to skip this year. I mean seriously, any vid that makes you wait until 1:45 says one thing to me: that crew got blanked last season. But then it started  getting loads of awards at things like the IF3 fest so I figured I better throw it out there.

And for those that wonder what all the snow-related fuss is about – I mean after all, autumn means cold rock and sticky rubber, right? – here’s a promo forwarded by alert reader Mark Gray for the Reel Rock film tour that has probably already blown past your town. Cool vid, nonetheless.

And since I’ve got every other sport on this page I might as well throw in some mountain biking. But this ain’t your everyday mountain biking that’s for sure. Mad, mad, mad, mad, mad.

Jeremy Jones, Xavier de Le Rue on North Face of Tour Ronde

Welcome to Chamonix, Jeremy.