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Snowboard Porn Smackdown: Klaustrophobiatch-erific

You wanna know what Klaustrophobiatch means? I’ll tell you what it means. It’s how you feel when one o’ them hoity-toity foreigners with their tight pants and perfectly casual hairdos comes up with a word you wished you’d have thought of and English ain’t even their first language!

And Carlos, I know you consider English to be a second language for me too (especially after reading the sentence above. Maybe I need to slow down on the Sarah Palin fail vids for awhile) but don’t change the subject.

Anyway, here’s the full download of the second and last video from Ducksjen. Yep, you read that right. Second and last. Alas, Ducksjen, we hardly knew ya but what we saw was truly inspiring. Here’s hoping this isn’t … oops, I mean ‘ain’t’ …  the last we’ll be seeing of the wildly talented Kasper Häggstrøm.


Tease Me, Snowboard – Ducksjen 1

img_6238-13Norwegians. Vikings. Berserkers as Thórbiörn Hornklofi called them in his skaldic poem Haraldskvæði from the late ninth century. I’ve been told it’s Icelandic (the book not the berserkness). Anyway, there’s a well-deserved reputation there for uncontrolled fury that’s clearly evident in the on-snow style of today’s descendants. Chargers, one and all. Even the women.

This particular crew of Norsemen is called Ducksjen and the boys from up north are doing a damn fine job of proving there’s still a whole lot of creativity left in snowboarding.

Berserkers, indeed.