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Douds Takes First at Fieberbrun FWT, Tied for First Overall. Cute Girl in Bikini Hopes He’ll Win Big in Verbier

Freeride World Tour Fieberbrunn

Chamonix homeboy Douds Charlet continues to crush the 2012 FWT men’s snowboard division with a win at the Fieberbrunn event held last weekend.

The FWT counts the three best finishes of the season which, with two wins and a second place finish, means Douds and Ralph Backstrom are tied for first going into the final event of the season, the Swatch FWT Xtreme Verbier.

Chamonix’s Aurélien Ducroz desperately needed a podium finish in Fieberbrunn to solidify his hope of hanging onto his 2011 title but came in a disappointing sixth.

Auré is currently sitting 4th overall but because the final overall score is determined using each rider’s four best results, he is mathematically not out of the running. A win at Verbier combined with his second, fourth and sixth place finishes would be enough to push him past the three leading skiers if they all crash out or get abducted by aliens mid-run. I think. To tell the truth I can’t be bothered to do the math but a quick glance at the current FWT rankings makes it look realistic. Anyone out there have a calculator?

The Swatch FWT Xtreme Verbier 2012 will be held sometime between the 22nd and 25th of March. Alas, Kate Upton won’t be there but rest assured you can always find her here. Allez le 74!

Go Douds.


Chamonix’s De Le Rue Wins Freeride World Tour

Douds Charlet, Verbier Xtreme 2010

Rider: Douds Charlet. Image:©Nissan Xtreme BY Swatch - Verbier 2010 / C. Margot

I know, I know. I’m pretty far off the back with this news but hey, that’s what happens when you dare to venture outside the wifi bubble for a week or so.

So the big (though unsurprising) news for those of us in the valley is certainly Chamonix loc Xavier de Le Rue bringing home the snowboarding gold (and some say, the best run of the day) in the Verbier event as well as the Freeride World Tour overall trophy. Well deserved. Xavier is truly The Man.

Verbier Xtreme Men’s Snowboard
1. Xavier DE LE RUE – FRA
2. Cyril NERI – SUI

The ski division on the other hand was more hotly contested going into the final event at Verbier with several riders having a good shot at the overall title. Chamonix homeboy Kaj Zackrisson was the dude of the day, just edging out CHX loc Aurélien Ducroz’s near-identical run. The win was enough to earn Zackrisson second overall behind Candide Thovex with Henrik Windstedt third.

Verbier Xtreme Men’s Ski
2. Aurélien DUCROZ – FRA
3. Candide THOVEX – FRA

So who do you believe had the best run of the day. Vote in our ChamonixInsider Poll-a-tron below.

Also interesting to note is the number of views the vids have generated. With that in mind, The Insider has decided to present our own Media Domination award. Sponsors, take note.

ChamonixInsider’s FWT Media Domination Award 2010 (as of 31 March)
1. Xavier DE LE RUE – 26,342 views
2. Julia MANCUSO – 22, 483 views
3. Kaj ZACKRISSON – 7,978 views

Seems as though Olympic fever is still strong, eh? In any case you gotta respect a girl who grabs third in her first freeride event ever and scores the most hits ever for a women’s freeski event. Nice one, Julia.

Freeride World Tour 2010 Overall Standings

Men’s Ski
1. Candide THOVEX – FRA

Men’s Snowboard
1. Xavier DE LE RUE – FRA

Women’s Ski
3. Jaclyn PAASO – USA

Women’s Snowboard
1. Aline BOCK – GER
2. Susan MOL – USA
3. Nathalie ZENKLUSEN – SUI

Finally, I’ve heard there were some pretty gnarly crashes at the Verbier event. If anyone knows where to find them on the interwebs hit me back with a link and I’ll throw ’em up.

Freeride de Chamonix Mont Blanc Results: Candide Wins, Douds & Kaj Second, Stenti Third

Julien Lopez / ©Nissan Freeride de Chamonix-Mont-Blanc 2010 / T. REPO

Sorry guys but I’ll admit I’m a little off the back with this one. OK, OK, a lot off the back but I’ve been in Courchevel marvelling at what life is like outside the bubble (or inside, depending on your perspective) and didn’t return to Planet Reality until today.

So while I was away it appears they put on some sort of freeride fandango top o’ the Brévent. I wasn’t there so you’ll be spared from my usual snide comments but what I have come to learn is that Chamonix’s iconic Charlet name is once again gracing the podium as Douds takes a day off from guiding to bring home snowboarding silver. 74 represent, yo.

Also in snowboarding, the godfather of British freeriding and Chamonix fixture for the past ohhhhhh 40 or 50 years, James Stentiford, evidently threw down with a run that earned him a third place finish that’s highly respectable for a guy who now spends more of his time surfing waves than mountains. Well done, Stenti.

On the skiing side, as soon as Candide announced he would be entering the contest the biggest question became who would come second. His run reveals some very uncharacteristic arm flapping which proves that he is in fact human and not some sort of freeskiing cyborg lovingly assembled by innocent mermaid princesses who, while kicking back on the warm white beaches of their tropical island paradise, dreamed of a warrior king who would ride down from the mountains to eliminate, once and for all, everything that is not smooth or stylish from skiing. Yes, that’s good to know.

Oh and by the way, LL not-so-subtly pointed out that, as you’ll see below, four of the top nine skiers were Swedes. So as if they’re not already better looking than everybody else on the planet, now they have to go and take over the frikking freeskiing contests – fasen också!

Thanks also to Mervin Manufacturing’s Pete Saari who brought it to the Insider’s attention that Tim Dutton was riding Mervin’s fabulous new NAS (Narrow Ass Snowboards). Buy one, get one free. Gotta love that Mervin crew.