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Chamonix Crew Organize Tamok Shred Fest

I’ve been promising Jarkko I’d get a post up about the Tamok event for about the past month and although it’s late it still bears mentioning simply because it shows a snowy, lightly explored corner of the world that looks absolutely amazing. Leave it to the Finnish crew to get there first.

One of many.

A crew of 30 freeriders gathered together to explore the untamed mountains of Tamok in Northern Norway. During the week the riders managed to do over 500 runs on skis and snowboards in a open format expression session. Many of descents were in terrain that had never been ridden before.

Press Release – ArctiX Tamok 2010 started on Sunday 4th April and ended on Sunday 11th. Just like two years ago the participants of the event enjoyed great weather and good conditions for most of the week.

The snow conditions, which had been superb up until two days prior to the event, left something to be hoped for. The deep, cold, fluffy over knee powder was ridden only at night time, in cold dreams. Nonetheless the participants of this unique event had a great time cruising the perfect spring snow.

Tamok Panorama

During the week most of the riders managed to do more than 10 descents, while some did as many as 20. During the runs of the first day the members of the ArctiX crew got a feel for the snow and figured out how to make most out of the situation.

The conditions did not allow riding on bigger and steeper faces, but some of the riders still managed to score bigger lines. Just like a year before the first bigger descents were done in Gurjoriehppi, a huge 700+ vertical meter cirque in between Hahttavarri, Likjefjellet and Sjufjellet. Gurjoriehppi has slopes basically on all aspects apart from North and all the faces on it were ridden again, with some new lines opened up on the South face of Likjefjellet and West face of Sjufjellet. A couple of descents was also done on the massive East face of Hahttavarri.

Most notable descents on the Gurjoriehppi cirque were done by normen Christen Aage Bryn and Knut Myking. Both were super impressed about the sheer size of the South face of Likjefjellet. East face of Hahttavarri was ridden by Ode Siivonen, Miikka Hast and Alex Huber and also the finns Juha Hautsalo and Teemu Tiiro found some fun, fast and stylish lines down to the bottom of the big bowl.

Tamok 2010Some of the participants of ArctiX 2009 managed to make descents on some of the bigger faces in the area, like the 1100 m high SW face of Lille Russetinden, but this year no such riding was possible. Instead of going that big and steep, the crew headed over to the South face of Indre Istinden, a beautiful and fun 400-500 meters high Alaskan style “minigolf course”. The face has quite a few very nice couloirs on it, and most of them were ridden in a good, fast style.

Indre Istinden is hidden in the middle of Tamok range, inbetween massive mountains like Svensborgtinden (800-900 m high East face), Innertinden (600-700 m high North face), Lille Russetinden and others. It is not visible from the roads that go through or surround Tamok. The face still has some unskied lines to be opened up, and despite it´s smaller size and somewhat difficult access, it´s guaranteed to become a popular destination in the future among back-country freeriders.

The descents done on Indre Istinden and Gurjoriehppi represent a more modern and more sportive approach and attitude towards skiing and snowboarding back-country lines: the riders do not only make their way down the faces, they do it very fast, fluently and sometimes with big jumps. This type of riding has been taking place in the Alps and other great mountain regions of the world for quite some time.

The mountains in Tamok, just like in Lyngen and many other areas close by, have very much to offer for this kind of riding style. Possibilities for high-end, top level big mountain freeriding are basically endless in Troms, as there is hundreds of peaks that have super good lines on them, some of the best in all of Europe or even the World. For riders looking for untouched ground Tamok and all of Troms is the place to be, as most of the best lines are still unridden.

ArctiX Tamok freeride contest has taken place four times now. There has been participants from all over Europe, as well as North America. Some of the very best freerider´s on the planet have visited Tamok mountains for a few times now, and the place has made a great impression on them.

ArctiX Tamok is only the beginning of riding in Troms, and that there will be a lot more people coming from all over the world to enjoy the great, beautiful and untouched nature of this freeride paradise.

Although we consider ArctiX 2010 a great success, we sadly have to report two accidents with relatively severe concequences.

On a training session the day before ArctiX 2010 started, norwegian rider Frøydis Elvik broke her back in two places after landing on a log covered by snow.

Some days after, Austrian skier Alexander Huber broke his leg while doing a backflip off a windlip high up on Tamokfjellet.

Both Froydis and Alex had to be evacuated to Tromso hospital with an ambulance helicopter but luckily they are both recovering well. ArctiX crew and riders want to express their gratitude to the professional, fast and efficient Norvegian helicopter rescue team.

ArctiX Awards 2010

1st Descent of the Year: west couloir on the southwest face of Lille Russetinden (400-500 m / 40 – 45 degrees) by Osku “Ode” Siivonen (FIN, snowboard), Jussi Räsänen (FIN, snowboard), Miikka Hast (FIN, snowboard), Juha Hautsalo (FIN, snowboard), Aadne Olsrud (NOR, snowboard)

Rider of the Year: Christen Aage Bryn (NOR, ski)

Female Rider of the Year: Päivi Siironen (FIN, ski)

ArctiX Rookie of the Year: Antti Autti (FIN, snowboard)

Trick of the Year: Miikka Hast (FIN, snowboard), BS 180 off a windlip on Blåbaerfjellet

Soul Rider Number One: Knut Myking (NOR, ski)

Bar-B-Q, Tamok style.