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Ode Siivonen’s Big Mountain Shred Clinic: Lesson #1

Sharpen up those pencils, boys. You’re gonna want to take notes here…

And just because Ode makes this all look so easy, here’s that last couloir in Ode’s video as ridden by 2011 Freeride World Tour champion, Mitch Tölderer.


Chamonix Skiing: Finnish Mafia vs Col du Diable + Special Bonus Slaying, Store Fornestinden. Perkele.

Chamonix extreme skiing, Couloir du Diable

“Looks pretty steep … Yikes.” – Paul Siljama

Took the weekend off. Needed to tear my gaze away from the blinding beauty that inundates this valley in springtime; go in search of swift water and the chance to dip my toes outside the bubble. Remind myself there’s a great big world out there with bizarre priorities and curious behavior like going to the supermarket to … “Now, what’s on that list? Let’s see now, carton of milk, dozen eggs, one human head, oooh, that one looks fresh…”

That right there was about all the ‘real world’ this pilgrim needed to turn himself around and motivate back to high ground where it’s safe.

Chamonix extreme skiing, couloir du Diable

So I walk in the door to find Finland has won the IIHF World Hockey Championship. Seems the perfect occasion to boost up this video shot by Paul Siljama of him and two other Finnish Mafioso, Sami ‘Kelso’ Modenius, and Nico Pettersson (who also brings his massage skills to the valley) charging the Col du Diable.

Ode Siivonen vs Store Fornestinden, Lyngen, Norway

And you can’t mention the Chamonix chapter of the Finnish Mafia without thinking to yourself, “Speaking of chargers, where’s Ode?” Lucky for you, that answer and sooooo many more are answered in the following quote.

“F@#$, I don’t know. There’s some rocks. I don’t know, maybe I don’t have the guts. … If you hit the rocks it’s gonna be so bad.” -Ode Siivonen, just before dropping in.

Like I said, it’s a big, scary world out there and who would ever have believed that life as we know it exists beyond the skyline. You just never know what you’ll find out there if you’re brave foolish enough to venture beyond Sallanches.

Well done the Finnish Mafia. Lions, ever one o’ ya.