Felix Hentz Rest in Peace

Blessed are the dead,

for they have been given wings to fly.


3 responses to “Felix Hentz Rest in Peace

  1. The finest way to remember one of the finest gentlemen of our sport!!

    Thanks for posting the tribute, ChamonixInsider, and thanks for the memories and the life you lived, Felix. Salut from us all

  2. he was smiling,
    Good bye my friend, till we meet again.
    You will be forever in our hearts, Luv always Tamara, Marco and Nicole.
    Thomas Osbert Mordaunt: “One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name”
    You proved that Felix.

  3. Félix pourquoi???
    où es-tu ??? que de questions
    petite étoile au firmament ou choucas xxl au sommet des
    ce que je sais c’est que tu es dans notre coeur et dans le coeur
    de tout ceux qui ont croisé ton chemin
    au revoir petit blondinet tu nous manque
    denyse benoit renaud léa

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