Relax Guys, It’s Only November

At least the sun's shining...

Man, some people will moan about anything. If there’s not enough snow, then there’s probably too much snow. For crying out loud, it’s only Movember! Shouldn’t we all be stoked out of our minds that the weather has been so good for so long?

And if you’re jonesing to ride, it ain’t that hard to find. Crew have been skiing untracked pow for the last few weekends within a couple of hours of Chamonix.

But for those who have been whinging about how the end of November has been looking a little too much like the end of September, fret not. Digital weather models indicate there is a cold front heading towards Europe.

In an article in today’s, noted Chamonix meteorologist Yann Giezendanner reports that digital models clearly indicate a low pressure system moving from Canada into the Atlantic. When it hits Europe, it will replace the ‘sweetness’ of the high-pressure system with which we have been blessed in the past weeks with precipitation, which means snow! There, you happy now?

And for the skeptics in the crowd, Giezendanner’s report is not simply ski station marketing tactics. His forecast is suported by Météo France’s own findings that anticipate a gradual deterioration of the blue skies and mild temperatures in the coming days. A Météo France forecaster told that we are moving towards a disturbance by the end of November and early December with “fortes chutes de neige pour lundi et mardi prochains”. Yessaiii!

MétéoNews Suisse also predicts cooler temperatures this weekend. The report goes on to say that the ‘confidence index’ for this forecast is high – level 4 on a scale of 5 – with French, European and U.S. models all showing the same data.

So while it’s still too early to say whether this season will beat the blower season of 1999/200, Mr Giezendanner assures us there should be enough snow to keep smiles on most people’s faces. At least until they start complaining about how they wish it would stop snowing and the sun would come out – waaaaaaahhhh.


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