Le Linceul, Grands Jorasses

The Shroud, Grandes Jorasses

Le Linceul (aka The Shroud), Les Grandes Jorasses, north face.

Lots of questions recently about the Linceul and as it turns out, the good crew over at TVMountain.com have recently uploaded another one of their outstanding vids, which covers the route. As an added bonus, it also stars one of my climbing buddies, Jean Mi.

The Shroud, Grandes Jorasses

750m from base of the route to the shoulder of the Grandes Jorasses.

The Shroud, Grandes Jorasses

1200m from glacier to summit.

The Shroud, Grandes Jorasses

IV, 4, 80˚, D+/TD-

I also found this other vid that gives folks outside the valley a good idea of what the approach is like.

The Shroud, Grandes Jorasses

The Shroud, Grandes JorassesThe Shroud, Grandes jorasses

Grandes Jorasses

Photo and route info: http://www.camptocamp.org (click to enlarge)

Thanks to TVmountain.com for their seemingly endless stream of videos depicting life in and around Chamonix.


3 responses to “Le Linceul, Grands Jorasses

  1. Hi, is the first photo of Grandes Jorasses actual? I’d love to know what are the conditions of Linceul now…
    Thanks Jan

  2. Thanks for info… Keep on posting articles like this. I really like this site!

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