Dream Job Alert! Ski Less, Work More!

Hard-working, organized and articulate Swedish ripper, Martina Palm, on her lunch break.

Rules are made to be broken, right? Which is why I just defied the only rule I can think of at ChamonixInsider.com and that is to mention the ‘J’ word ( as seen in the title above) anywhere on this blog.

Anyway, I’m going to make an exception here because this is such a good opportunity for some lucky Swedish rider who:

– loves skiing

– speaks Swedish and English

– loves skiing

– wants to spend the winter in the Alps

– loves skiing

– wants to spread some Salomon love to the online community

My good buddies over at Salomon gave me a call to tell me about one of those ‘J’ things I keep hearing about and it seemed like a good opportunity for a Swedish shredder to get his boot wedged firmly in the ski industry door. If that’s you then click to open the PDF below to find out more. BTW, cute Swedish girls in Chamonix need not apply. Our current supplies of this valuable resource are running dangerously low and we need to protect what little we have. (Fortunately, some of the crew have taken matters into their own hands and have begun a systematic re-seeding program, however this latest crop won’t be fully flowering for years to come).

For everyone else, don’t blame me if you miss any powder days…


As for my own interest in this? Just trying to make the connection between good people and good brands so that we can all be one big, happy family.

That, and one less Swedish slayer on the mountain means more fresh tracks for me…


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