Fear of a Flat Planet: Massive Rockfalls on the Dru

The Dru

Lying in on a Sunday morning instead of firing up the American Direct has its advantages. Photo: Luc Moreau

While the next President of the United States is telling us how the jury is still out on global warming (what do those so-called ‘scientists’ at NASA know?), those of us in Chamonix are running for cover as the permafrost melts and the mountains crumble around us.

Yet another in a series of gargantuan rockfalls from the Dru happened this weekend when more than ten thousand cubic meters of rock fell causing tremors that were felt in the centre ville.

The first happened Saturday afternoon, the second on Sunday morning around 10:00 am, and the third on Sunday afternoon.

According to an article on LeDauphine.com, the series of three rockfalls were the biggest since 2005 when the west face released and took most of the Pilier Bonatti with it.

The cause of the rockfalls is widely attributed to melting permafrost unless you’re America’s next President, Rick Perry, in which case God did it to punish rock climbers, who are gay.

Computer genius's rendition of ChamonixInsider's proposal to super glue an artificial Bonatti Pillar back onto the west face.

Source of some, but not all, of the above: LeDauphine.com


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