Panik à Baffin or The Lengths Chamonix Crew Go To For Fresh Tracks

Chamonix’s all-female expedition to the Arctic has returned after a month of ripping virgin couloirs and dodging polar bears.

Chloé Laget, Fanny Gras, Marion Poitevin and Mélanie Martinot spent 29 nights in tents enduring temperatures from -20˚C to -38˚C. To stay warm the crew skied more than 100 km and four ‘superbe’ couloirs and returned home with smiles on their faces despite a bit of frostbite.

Four intrepid women on their own and making it happen on incredibly hostile terrain in the middle of nowhere above the Arctic Circle. Check out the full story on the Panik Baffin blog.

The crew won the performance category of the Millet Expédition Project 2010 and received invaluable assistance from the brand (especially the down suits which were put to good use as you can see in the vids).


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