Milner’s Waffle House – A to the K: a decade plus of mentalness and vegetables

Oh Lordy, here he goes again. Dan Milner waffling on about some more of his silly snowsliding shenanigans in completely ridiculous places. I mean seriously, isn’t the reason we all love Chamonix so much is because the shredding is so amazing here? And while the rest of the world is trying to figure out how they can quit their jobs, sell everything and move here, Desultory Dan is busy planning trips to … Macedonia?

Ah well, the good crew over at Le Vert will be doing their best to offset the damage with a special €10 plat du jour and a €15 menu but make sure you show up early because you definitely don’t want to be stuck in that place around 8:30 when the lights go down and the waffling begins. Unless of course, you love nothing more than mercilessly heckling a guy while he’s in the middle of some mad story about being kidnapped by pygmies, having tea with a yeti, or narrowly escaping a life-threatening attack by a bloodthirsty deer.

Of course there will also be the extraordinary photos of guys like Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones and Angie Wardell shredding the rad in places like Kashmir, Pakistan, Iceland and of course, Alaska. And a photo of a car and one or two of signs evidently. And if I was a bettin’ man, I’d lay odds he might even try to slip in some artsy fartsy photo of a tree as well. Just guessin’.


4 responses to “Milner’s Waffle House – A to the K: a decade plus of mentalness and vegetables

  1. Hey Trey, you know Dan too well.
    I have been edited out as I am so f**king good I put all those pros to shame!

  2. snowboard+camera+messing with deer=douche

    you, trey, are not a douche.

    when you coming to the ‘rado?!?!

  3. Yeah, there he went again! I was told there were gonna be waffles and I didn’t even get a bite! Just Man Dilner going on and on and on… and not even one shot of that stunner Angie!!
    I want my money back and a plate of waffles. oh – and a print of Angie in her gardening kit!

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