We love the PGHM. Yes we do.

Photo by David Rastouil / Climbing

If you’ve ever wondered about the heli traffic around Chamonix you absolutely must read this outstanding article about Chamonix’s PGHM written by Neil Brodie for Climbing Magazine.

In the fourteen years I’ve been in Chamonix I’ve only been pulled off once when my partner broke her leg on the East Face of the Aiguille du Moine. The crew that helped us out were so professional and efficient yet personable it made my head spin. These guys rock.

Shout out to Tom at ChamonixSnowReport.com for the heads up on this article.

Photo by Alexandre Buisse / Climbing


3 responses to “We love the PGHM. Yes we do.

  1. I agree, it was a very good article. I just wanted to mention that my photo is available in higher resolution on my website: http://www.alexandrebuisse.org/galleries/mountaineering/observers/

  2. Alexandre, all 12 photos posted are spectacular!

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