School of Tongue: Answer Me Not by kzxc

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Answer Me Not

Guest post by kzxc for whom English is a second language.

Like them or not, they will be there. They can be hard to face or pleasing to your mind. You receive them either way whether you want them or not.


They may come easily to hand or brutally visualize the truth you haven’t looked for. You can seek it for ages or it could be thrown in your face.

We all want to know. It could be the end of a long period of doubt, something that disturbed our minds for decades or a sudden happening that needs to halt. It doesn’t mean we are satisfied or that our knowledge has made us any better, we just know now.

Answers are all around us. We can grab them or simply refuse them just because we don’t like them. It seems easy and practical, like the choice to think about what has just been learned. An answer is the truth about a moment that has passed. Like it or not, it’s the reality.

It’s not there forever though. Circumstances change and what’s known becomes unimportant. The question arises again and an answer must be found.

You can turn every stone in sight, open any window and pass all the bridges but still not be satisfied. You are seeking the absolute truth, the ending to a mind-twisting thought which would put you in total calmness.

If you seek this, you are willing to do anything for the good and for the bad. But to be surely confident with the truth of an answer you will have to light the candle at both ends.

It’s only the good questions and the happy ones that give you that look of confidence. The ugly ones will only put another wrinkle on your face.

But it’s worth it. We have to know. Inside our bodies we’ll feel a cleansing, a glimpse of the truth, and we know what has caused us to wonder why.

How much can we trust another person’s explanation? You know it’s only the answer to his own question even though he thinks he’s got it perfectly right. Are you satisfied or is it only simpler to believe in someone else’s thoughts? If it ended here, the future is history.

Understanding is part of the solution. My answer might not be the same as yours, but if we believe in the same thing then we are stronger and our thoughts are pointing in the same direction. Our minds are at ease and things look brighter.

Walking the lonely alley and not seeking trust in others will put those aging wrinkles on your face. It’s often sad to have known someone who was alone and could not put trust in the thoughts of others, who couldn’t understand the answers of his companions.

When you grow old and pieces fall together, stones can rest and moss can grow. You can lie down and the wrinkles on your face are from wisdom. Then, and only then, have you understood that there is no way to live life without the experience of understanding.

Photo: Paul Lang

Answer Me Not is the second in a three-part series by kzxc.


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