Seb Montaz and Vivian Bruchez Welcome You to Chamonix

To all the seasonnaires who are descending upon Chamonix right now, we know you’re a bad ass back in Tahoe or Riksgransen or wherever but you might want to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with Seb Montaz and his highly informative videos. This particular film of Chamonix destroyer Vivian Bruchez, for instance, does a great job of showing you where to ski all around the sunny slopes of the Aiguille du Midi … if you want to kill yourself.

So please watch this video closely, make a careful note to yourself to turn right out of the ice cave instead of left. And like safety-minded Vivian does, always carry your cell phone with you so you can call for a rescue (yeah, right) from the bottom of the crevasse you’ll no doubt be finding yourself at the bottom of if you don’t bone up on your glacier knowledge. And while you’re at it make sure your ski buddies are dialed in on their transceiver and crevasse rescue skills.

So welcome to Chamonix. Now get out there and shred that gnar, tiger!


2 responses to “Seb Montaz and Vivian Bruchez Welcome You to Chamonix

  1. I love the newbie seasonaire slant. Mind, I know a few vets who struggle with left and right.

  2. Pretty funny, fred!

    Maybe get some climbing skills too….

    Certainly are plenty of wannabes running around down climbing ski lines in poor conditions…. 🙄

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