Chamonix Ice: Le Fil à Plomb

Stian Hagen leading the first ice pitch of Le Fil à Plomb. Photo: Asmus Nøresslet.

Y’know I’d talk about how disappointed I am that I didn’t get to ski this weekend but hey, when has GM ever opened in mid-November? Ah well, there’s always ice climbing, right? Or at least there was until the foehn started blowing and the Midi closed. Opening again 17 December apparently. In any case here’s what it looked like a couple of weeks ago when Chamonix guides Stian Hagen and Asmus Nørreslet went and climbed Le Fil à Plomb (III 4+ 700m) a couple of weeks back. Well done, gents.


And while we’ve got Stian on the page you might as well check out the video below and jump on the chance for a free lesson in the style of the soul carve. Or should that be the soul of the style carve. In any case, I guarantee you won’t be able to watch this brilliant vid just once. Thanks to alert reader Mic Devor for the heads up on this one. Looking forward to seeing more of this kind of thing from the Antidote crew.


3 responses to “Chamonix Ice: Le Fil à Plomb

  1. Excellent video- well done! What kind of camera do you use?

  2. Hi Patrick

    I actually used a GoPro HD and Asmus used a small Sony video camera. I was amazed how well the GoPro footage turned out. I hope this helps.


  3. Hi Patrick,

    The sony camera was the HDR-TG7VE. Been using all year shooting various footage –
    It’s very small, easy to use with one hand. Very good video for the size. Still pictures in so-and-so quality.
    Ciao, ciao,

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