Movember in Chamonix

My hot Swedish girlfriend hates November. She has a strong aversion to the grim weather. She doesn’t like Munchies being closed. Climbing is limited and she can’t ski yet. It bugs her that many of her friends leave town. And she absolutely, unequivocally, manifestly hates the mo’.

That’s right ladies and gents. Welcome to Movember!

Guy on the right? Girlfriend.

As we all know Movember is the global movement where gentlemen the world over grow their most ridiculous moustache throughout the month formerly known as November to raise awareness for men’s health issues like prostate cancer.

The rules are pretty basic: start November 1 with a clean upper lip and spend the next 29 days scrupulously cultivating that lip sweater. Sorry, no half-hearted attempts like beards or goatees allowed. Only the mo’ goes.

Check out the official website at and let the mo’ grow bro.


One response to “Movember in Chamonix

  1. I look forward to seeing your mo at Thanksgiving!!! And also meeting the “hot swedish girlfriend.”

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