Salomon Freeski TV: Makin’ it Look Easy in Chamonix

It was a veritable galaxy of stars over at the Deeper premiere the other night with pretty much everybody who’s anybody turning out for the gala soirée. In the aftermath of elbowing Lindsay Lohan out of the way to get to the bar I found myself talking to Mike Douglas, the guy I figure holds the esteemed title of Best Job Ever, the job description for which must go something like this: go to where it’s snowing, drag a Salomon team rider and a couple of his mates off the disco dance floor, point a camera at them, shred pow ’til your legs fall off.

So yeah, no doubt he was in Chamonix last spring and here’s the episode he recorded with shred ready Tristan Knoertzer who, from the looks of this vid, is a direct recipient of the huge brass balls gene passed down by his father, Jean-Sébastian, an IFMGA/UAIGN Mountain Guide and Mountain Guide Instructor.

Props to Mike for what I’m guessing is creative use of paraglider-cam and/or speed-flying-cam. The biggest problem I see with this vid is that these guys shred these steeps so smoothly they make it look easy. So sit back, crack a refreshing malt beverage and prepare yourself to get schooled in the fine art of the double pole plant.


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