Barrels-amongus at Quik Pro France 2010


Mick Fanning, Quik Pro France 2010


Last weekend, while those of us in Chamonix were getting blown off our feet, competitors at the Quiksilver Pro France were getting barrelled off their heads in pumping 6- to 8-foot perfection at Les Culs Nus Beach.


Brett Simpson, Quik Pro France 2010. Photo: ASP/Cestari


In the finals, Kelly Slater, hoping to solidify his lead in the ASP rankings, was defeated by 2009 Quik Pro France winner Mick Fanning who now moves into third in the overall rankings. So what does all this have to do with Chamonix? Well, I’m not sure but if you watch closely I think that’s Babs Charlet getting shacked on that filthy right there at the end.

Of course, with the pleasure comes the pain…

Three events left. Next stop Portugal.  Slater #1, Jordy Smith #2, Fanning #3. This should be good.


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