Tele Teaser Tuesday: Powderwhore, TGR, Absinthe

Ok, we’re a day late and a dollar short but that’s not going to keep me from using the Tele Teaser Tuesday name that I’ve paid all those high-powered patent attorneys serious ching to protect.

Anyway, diving right in… Man, how we love that Powderwhore crew, nothing but deep pow, steep faces and a whole boatload of soul. After many grueling hours of highly intense lounging while reviewing this season’s best vids ChamonixInsider’s distinguished panel of distinguished judges has selected TeleVision to start off the season even if Noah somehow misplaced (again!) that killer footage of myself absolutely destroying La Vormaine. Ah well, there’s always next year. I’m even thinking I’ll be stepping up and heading to Le Savoy for the deepest pow days. The secret’s out!

With their big budgets, great riders and amazing footage TGR consistently produces the goods, so what’s not to like? Oh yeah, the cheesy voiceover. When will they ever learn?

Outstanding footage, original soundtrack, hard charging riders. Nobody NowHere does it quite as well as Absinthe Films.


2 responses to “Tele Teaser Tuesday: Powderwhore, TGR, Absinthe

  1. Yo Trey, thanks for the good vidz! Posted trailers on my EO blog and plugged ChamonixInsider. Great to see what you’re up to!

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