Slacklining Chamonix-Style

If you wonder what Chamonix guide and filmer extraordinnaire Seb Montaz has been up to now that even his most secret powder lines have dried up, check this out. His finely crafted video below is a glimpse into some of the more leisurely summer activities found here in the sunny, carefree death sport capital of the world known as Chamonix.

Holy smokes is right. Mark your calendars now for Saturday, 25 Sept when Seb releases the free, full-length version on Yes, that’s right. Free.

Life Outside the Bubble

I’ve never understood why people drive cars when they could get there just as easily on a bike. Seems to me that most trips are just way more fun on two wheels, right? On the other hand, this Gymkhana trip that Ken Block is on shows that cars, even 2001 Ford Fiestas, do have their purpose.


3 responses to “Slacklining Chamonix-Style

  1. Glad to see you back.
    Coming back to North America ever?

    • Absolutely. Just as soon as my knees give out and I’ve got chronic tendonitis in all my fingers and I can no longer be lifted out of my wheelchair onto my mountain bike or into my paragliding harness and I can no longer drag myself to the boulangerie for a daily croissant amande fix. Then it will be time to go home and let Obama’s radical-Muslim/Christian, anti-white Kenyan, east coast elitist, gay nazi communist death squads (did I leave anything out?) do their dirty work. 😉

  2. I love reading your work! Pics are great too. The reunion was great, other than Angie McAlpin and Tracye Scott, I was the hottest chick there , LMAO!
    Hope you get to see the family before all of the above start ailing you.

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