Mo’ Danny McCaskill in Chamonix


With all the foul weather over the past few weeks about the only thing to do in Chamonix is: 1) go hang out at the daily CHXHC meeting on the bridge at the Midi or, 2) drag your bike out of the basement, dust ‘er off and start wenching. Whoops, my bad. I meant wrenching, not wenching, but depending on the state of your current ride (or lack thereof) feel free to choose whichever works best for you.

And if you need a bit of motivation for the wrenching (seeing as how the last of the available Swedish girls left town last week) then just take a moment to have your hair blown back by Thierry Donard’s video of Danny MadCatSkills for the Perfect Moment film Instant. Danny is like the Rodney Mullen of mountain biking and I never thought I’d ever say that about anyone. Ever.

Special thanks to the Insted ladies for the heads up on this one. Yes, they’re Swedish. No, they’re not available.


2 responses to “Mo’ Danny McCaskill in Chamonix

  1. Thanks Trey!! Another amazing film with Danny Macaskill.

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