Chamonix Guiding Snow Report – April 14

Now I know what you think you just saw in Seb’s video packed full of chest-deep sickness but before you all go booking tickets to Chamonix let me tell you that conditions are in reality nothing like this. These images were clearly taken back in January or February 1998 when there was loads of fresh, light powder for everybody.  I mean, think about it. It’s mid-April for crying out loud. It’s practically full summer up there and I feel it’s my duty to tell you there’s nothing on the mountain but slushy snow and mud puddles and smelly hippy telemarkers in short pants, long johns and Hawaiian shirts with food in their beards. Nope nothing to see here folks, just keep moving…

On the other hand, I just had a reliable report from a friend in Hossegor who reports sunny 20˚C day and no one in the lineup but hot chicks in bikinis. And rumor has it that Rockfood is serving free fish tacos and Don Julio margs. So there’s no really no choice, right? Forget about those unfoundeed, completely ridiculous myths you’ve been hearing about the past few days in Chamonix with uncrowded lift lines, nightly dustings followed by warm spring days and steep couloirs filled to perfection, and go surfing instead.

You can all thank me later.


One response to “Chamonix Guiding Snow Report – April 14

  1. Jan/Feb 1998 were not that great. Try 99.

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