Chamonix Guiding Snow Report – 1 April

With the most recent spate of fresh snowfall it hasn’t been too difficult to find fresh tracks … as long as you could see. Which wasn’t often.’s Seb Montaz heads to the trees in Courmayeur and scores big. Seeing as how they’re in Courmayeur which features the best on-mountain food on the planet I’m kinda surprised there’s no lunchtime footage in here from the Cindy Crawford cafe but seeing how good the skiing is it might be a good guess that lunch didn’t make it into the schedule.

Go Seb, go!

I also received this great report from our friends, Eva and Wolfgang, at Mountain Spirit which is from the 28th and gives a great idea of what conditions were like before this latest snowfall. Since Wolfgang has headed up north to get his shred on Norwegian style I’m not entirely sure we’ll be seeing an update this week but here’s hoping. Snow Forecast Compendium

OK, so I used to spend loads of time compiling this ridiculous table with the forecast for the next few days but ever since Elling told me that he never looks at it – and this from the guy who told me I should put it together – I’ve decided to dump it. Erm … I mean I’ve improved it so that you can now, with a simple click, get the absolute latest updates from:

– our local valley forecast,

– a mid-mountain forecast from

I believe we’re all a lot better off.


One response to “Chamonix Guiding Snow Report – 1 April

  1. chamonixmountainguides

    Thanks for the always entertaining inside info Tray!

    I’ve been fighting the crowds hard and successfully this busy week =), so there is hope for another detailed snow report (after all it will be easy to write, every day the same 50cm of powder).
    For the following 2 weeks we’ll cover both the Lyngen Alps and Cham.

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