Big Waves, Huge Cojones: Teahupoo Checks In

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It was 15˚C in Chamonix last week and even though there might still be one, or at the very most two, measly powder days ahead the curiously intelligent and devilishly handsome are already looking forward to the day when they hang up the skis and light out for the coast.

In doing our part to clean out our own lineup and add to someone else’s the ChamonixInsider presents this inspiring  little teaser in the hopes of encouraging you to bump up your surf plans by a few weeks.

On March 17th the first south major swell of the season slammed into Tahiti resulting in what some of the old salts are saying is the biggest Teahupoo ever ridden. Whether that’s true or not, this beefy slab of South Pacific thunder and the crew who ride it always command respect.

So waddaya say? Why endure the hardship and danger of three or four more weeks of cold wet miserable snow when you could be kicking back on a warm sunny beach somewhere? Just sayin’.

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