Chamonix Guiding Snow Report – 17 March

Wow, this is the first time I’ve heard Seb talk about it being hard to find fresh snow and with the last significant snow hitting what seems like three or four weeks ago, it’s easy to understand why.

At least the beautiful sunny weather has brought warmer temperatures which is beginning to soften the snow a bit in the afternoon so if you’ve got a ticket already booked be happy in knowing there are some great party nights this weekend and no need to be in line for the first telefreak in the morning. Snow Forecast Compendium

Last significant snowfall end of February  😦


2 responses to “Chamonix Guiding Snow Report – 17 March

  1. so…I have really enjoyed your updates! you provide stoke and a sense of being in what your doing ~ keep it up, it brings smiles!

    • Thanks heaps for the good words, brutha. Makes it all worth it to hear that all this malarkey is generating a bit of positive energy.

      Great website by the way. I hadn’t heard about that Teahupoo swell yet. That image on your homepage is insane.

      10-20cm here yesterday, 20-30cm more forecast for tonight. Keep chargin!

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