Chamonix Premiére of Swift. Silent. Deep.

Back in the ’80s, Chamonix locs like Sylvain Saudan, Jean-Marc Boivin, Patrick Vallençant, Anselme Baud and Bruno Gouvy were blowing minds with their radical new concept of you-fall-you-die extreme skiing. Meanwhile, the hardcores in North America were simply trying to ski out of bounds without getting arrested. Swift. Silent. Deep. is the story of the  renegade Jackson Hole Air Force and the story of their attempts to push their own boundaries.

As the authoritative says about the movie

Although I have dozens of ski movies in my shelf I rarely watch them more than once. For some reason I find most of them boring after watching them once. You know lots of neck deep powder, huge cliff drops, spinning, flipping and funky music. . The same old story.

Hopefully there are ski movies that make a difference, and SWIFT.SILENT.DEEP is absolutely one of them. The story of the legendary Jackson Hole Air Force is so fascinating, inspiring and cool that I found myself watching the film over and over again.

So luckily for all of us the good crew at Salomon skis and LeVert Hotel have joined forces with the ChamonixInsider for the Chamonix premiere of Swift. Silent. Deep. on Saturday night, 13 March at 21:00. And to make it even more of a fiesta, Salomon is throwing some cash behind the bar to make sure everyone is good and loaded by the time the movie ends and the crazy mad percussion band Bodhizapha takes the stage.

Yes, it’s going to be a night to remember and no, you don’t want to miss it. In fact, call now and reserve a table for the killer 3-course dinner that LeVert serves up to make sure you’re not stuck outside the door while everyone else is inside swilling free booze, marvelling at the OG rulers ripping lines on their 110cm skis and dancing their brains out to Bodhizapha.

‘Nuff said. See you there.


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