Chamonix Guiding Snow Report – 3 March

“Ok guys, this is an important security notice. Please, if you’re not coming skiing in the Alps this week, then don’t watch this clip. It’s just too painful, you don’t want to watch it.” -Seb Montaz,

Thanks for the warning Seb but I’m saying that if you’re not coming skiing in the Alps next week then you must watch this clip. Because if you do you’re going to change whatever trivial plans you have scheduled (family, work, keynote speaker at World Bank summit) and book a ticket straight out here. This week Seb showcases two of the Insider’s fav-o-rite runs in Chamonix and watching the footy gives me an overwhelming urge to grab the skis and hit the door.

Can anyone tell me what that killer song in the background is? (I tried Shazam but came up empty – dumb application). If anyone knows, please hit me back in the comments. Snow Forecast Compendium


One response to “Chamonix Guiding Snow Report – 3 March

  1. Salut Trey

    Artist: Brad Sucks
    Album: I don’t know what I’m doing
    track: work out fine

    thanks for the post

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