Moots Snoots Looks Good Beneath Your Glutes

Moots Snoots photo: courtesy

Hallelujah! Today I saw the first bicycle of the spring and it got me all jacked to dust off the Steam Punk and get her back on the road. On the other hand, I’m loving the snow and don’t want to see it come to an end anytime too soon. So as I’m pondering the apparent paradox between snow and biking a Twitter alert pops up from the knowledgeable crew at about their visit to the 2010 Norte Americano Handmade Bicycle Show where they came across this burly Moots Snoots snow bike.

Now there’s a couple things I really dig about this bike.

#1 It’s a siiiiiick looking bike.

#2 It’s made by Moots, an OG titanium mountain bike builder the bikes from whom have been the object of my desire since I first straddled a mountain bike about 175 years ago.

#3 Just by looking at it you can tell this beast is going to shred even the deepest snow between you and your intended destination.

#4 Did I mention it’s titanium?

If you’re into the specs, check out the video.

To know more about the 2010 NAHBS and what BikeRumor found there check out


One response to “Moots Snoots Looks Good Beneath Your Glutes

  1. Ohhh! I’ve been dreaming about Moots for years now. Want to get together and rob the post office ?

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