My Work Is Better Than Your Vacation by Dan Milner

Clear  your calendars ladies and gents because the winter edition of the bi-annual Dan Milner heckle-fest is coming to Le Vert Hotel on Sunday night, February 28 at 8pm.

This edition will feature what are sure to be some amazing images from Dan’s recent Alaska splitboard mission with a crew of young, up-and-coming riders hoping to make it big and one day be able to afford heli time.

And as if that’s not enough to get you off the couch of a Sunday evening, Le Vert will be serving up one of their grandioso, three-course Sunday roasts starting at 18:00, which is sure to pack the house. It’s all sounding like quite the night out with dinner and the show and all so if you want to ensure your place at a very popular dinner table you best make reservation early (tel. 04 50 53 13 58).

The slide show is gratuit and the three-course Sunday roast is a real bargain at only €19. No word yet on how Dan is going to work in a photo of perennial crowd-favorite Angie Wardle, but if he wants to keep things civil he better figure out a way.


One response to “My Work Is Better Than Your Vacation by Dan Milner

  1. Can I throw out a heckle in advance to Milners? Tell him: “My vacation snaps are better than your work ones.” Sadly that is patently untrue. Hope it’s a good night and that Ange has one or two amongst all the powder and bikes. Big love to all.

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