Product Preview: 2010/11 Black Diamond Quadrant

Thomas Hodel, James Morland, Thomas Laakso – Col du Passon

The Black Diamond crew – Thomas Hodel (European Marketing Manager) and Thomas Laakso (Ski Category Director) – rolled through Chamonix the other day and inside their oversized packs were a whole load of flash new ski gear. Especially interesting to someone like me – who is currently putting a lot of backcountry miles in with my alpine boots – was the new line of AT boots. I didn’t get to try them because my feet (size 27.5 – hint, hint) are slightly larger than sample size but they look amazing.

Thomas L. was rocking the Quadrant and charging like a madman, both up and down the hill. In the video below he talks us through the idea behind BD’s new boot.

Anybody out there skied this boot yet? If so, let us know what you think in the Comments below.


One response to “Product Preview: 2010/11 Black Diamond Quadrant

  1. i’ve been skiing the quadrants since november in antarctica, aconcagua and the tetons. i like the walk mode and like thomas touches on, the cuff moves quite freely when in walk mode. not only is range of motion important, but how much force it takes to move the boot across that range is just as, if not more important.

    the fit is roomier than the factor, but they ski almost as powerful and the liner is thicker, more comfortable and warmer. i like the bright, euro colors too!

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