Chamonix’s Hagen & Binning Doing What They Do Best in Antarctica

Stian & Andrea Photo: Chris Davenport

You know there’s just some people who seem to live more extraordinary lives. Like pretty much every one of us who has the extreme good fortune to live here in Chamonix, for instance. Yep, there’s us and then there’s a whole other level of which even the most fortunate Chamonerds are envious and that, my friends, would be the misty world where Stian Hagen and Andrea Binning reside.

So when everyone’s fav-o-rite pro-freeskiing huband-and-wife team returned from their November 2009 Antarctic ski safari and talked about some of the most beautiful mountains they’d ever seen with entire ranges of virgin lines, loads of wildlife, and a really pimp boat, we listened. Andrea describes it like this:

Antarctica was truly a trip of a lifetime, my best trip ever! We had so much luck with the weather and the majority of our time down there was sunny so we got a lot of skiing in. The team was awesome, it was great to be in the mountains with Chris Davenport and Stian. And to top off the skiing, the scenery and wildlife were incredible. What a trip!

Davenport Mountainsport and Granite Films are making a film about the adventure that will be coming out this summer. So. Can’t. Wait. Until then, check out this teaser to find out what it’s like skiing at the bottom of the planet. And someone please let me know how I can get on that boat!


3 responses to “Chamonix’s Hagen & Binning Doing What They Do Best in Antarctica


    Who the nutter diving into the water??! Love to Dre and Stian.

  2. Amazing…..want to go there so much!

  3. Mentalists. Thats about as far as you can go to get some turns, in any ones book. Great teaser. Big respect. My only question is, was that a club in the little Norwegian’s hands in the shot with the baby seal?

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