Being Super

'Super' Rupert Rosedale 1972-2009

On a cold, dark day at the end of December I lost a close friend and climbing partner, Super Rupert Rosedale, in an avalanche on Ben Nevis. In a story on the traverse of the Chamonix Aiguilles I wrote of him:

Super is a true British alpinist in the finest tradition – nothing like the ones who seem to come over for the sole purpose of hurling themselves down crevasses or freezing to death in previously forecast storms. Nope, Super is fast and talented over both rock and ice, solid with his protection, with an ability to laugh in the face of stuck ropes and spilled brews.

Super was a teacher. He taught people, young and old, how to enjoy life and experience first-hand the overwhelming beauty of nature. Man, he was good at that. He was less than a year from completing his guides’ exam, he was rebuilding a house in Vallorcine with his bare hands, living the dream with his wonderful wife and beautiful children. In going through my photos and climbing books since the day that Mathieu called me with the bad news, through the heart-warming memories and the silent tears, I’ve come to realize that I’ve climbed in Chamonix with Super more than any other partner. It’s just crazy how close you become to someone when you tie into a rope and achieve what seems like the impossible together. How long, intense days followed by cold, endless bivvies bring out the best and worst in a person. Luckily for those whose lives he touched, Super had an overabundance of best. Lord, how I’m going to miss him.

Rest in peace, my friend. Rest in peace.


22 responses to “Being Super

  1. What a kind and good thing to do.

  2. Beautiful Super Ruper.

  3. Thank you Trey. We have all lost an extraordinary man.

  4. sorry to hear it, brutha….nice piece on him. i remember you talking of him…hang in there. thoughts are with you and his family.

  5. Merci pour les photos Trey !
    Ca fait plaisir de revoir notre pote en pleine action…
    Il va nous manquer, mais la vie continue et le futur nous appartient !
    A bientot…

  6. Thanks Trey! I know he loved beeing out with you! x

  7. Nice writing Trey and a great slide show.

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your friend Trey.

  9. Beautiful slide show…. Lovely smile! We’ll always miss our inspirational friend. Lovely tribute . x

  10. Wonderful memorial, Trey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings, and pictures.

  11. Thanks for that. Ru was my boss when I worked at Marlborough College, well as much of a boss as Ru could ever be. Perhaps mentor, friend and inspiration would be better. He will be sorely missed by the school community and many, many others.

    Thank-you for your touching tribute.


  12. What a beautiful tribute, Trey, and especially lovely for us non-climbers to see Rupe in action. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  13. A beautiful tribute to an amazing person; thank you Trey.

  14. Trey, what a beautiful tribute for an amazing person. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. Very nicely done Trey.
    Sorry for the loss.

    • Trey, a sad loss for all who knew Rupert. In all the years of climbing with Rupert we never exchanged a cross word, as you say he could shrug off problems despite the adversity. I guess we are all sad for the loss of the adventures yet to be had. As Mark W. said “Strange as this may sound he was my best friend but I know I was not Rupert’s, he had so many best friends…” Pictures seem so very important now, but they can’t replace the campanionship that was so special to us all. We will all miss our best friend.

  16. Such a beautiful, heartfelt and very moving tribute to Rupe.
    Lovely to see Rupe doing something he so obviously enjoyed and had a true passion, respect and natural talent for.
    Rest in peace. x

  17. Merci trey pour toutes ces belles photos de vos escapades montagnades. Ce qui me frappe encore c’est son sourire toujours le sourire sur son visage, ça c’est Rup ! et ‘cest ce que l’on doit retenir !
    Je pense trés fort à ma trés chère et adorée amie Ulle ainsi qu’à Ted et Svea que j’ai hate de voir encore et encore !!

  18. An awsome tribute to a man that deserved nothing less. Good work Trey. x

  19. Trey, that is indeed a very touching tribute to a very special man. I’m sorry that I did not know Rupert better but enjoyed the short times we did spent together. It’s refreshing to see that he followed his heart in so many ways. Hope to see you soon x

  20. I was very lucky to stay with ru in Chamonix,in the summer. I didn’t know him much before but in that week I found out he was the nicest man I had ever met.

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