Chamonix Guiding Snow Report – 13 January

Thanks again to Seb Montaz from Chamonix Guiding for another brilliant snow report. Chamonix skiing, snowboarding and telemarking is all-time right now so book a flight and a Chamonix hotel room and get out here before it melts.

Snow Conditions outstanding

Chamonix-Meteo Forecast

Saturday sunny and cold, hi +4, inversion at 1600m

wind aloft:  NW moderate -> WNW moderate to strong

Sunday overcast, warmer, spitting snow

wind aloft:  W -> NW moderate to strong

Monday unsettled (read: no clue)

Snow-Forecast Forecast

Saturday partly cloudy in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon, -4˚C at 2438m, 9cm at 2438m at night

Sunday 6cm @ 2438m in the morning, 1cm in the afternoon, -5˚C at 2438m

Monday sunny, -4˚C, wind 10km/h from the north


6 responses to “Chamonix Guiding Snow Report – 13 January

  1. MASSIVE! well done guys
    I’m on my way now hope to find some powd left…

  2. Hi Trey
    Looks like you guys are getting hammered over there!
    I took my Trey to a day of Cat boarding at Ken Achenbach’s place last week. Blew his mind.
    Now all he wants to do is ride his Fish!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Nice one, Warren. Things are good here but I know you guys wouldn’t even get out of bed for the 20cm that has us queueing for hours in the rain in Chamonix. Glad to hear you guys scored at Powder Mountain cat skiing, home of the legendary Ken Achenbach. The thing I want to know is if they let you drive the cat? My guess is that if they ever saw the video of you rallying at – where was that? Marmot? – they wouldn’t let you near the thing. Keep charging!

  3. This is the reason I like Great postg.

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