Glen Plake is Spreading the Dalbello Virus

Ho ho ho. There’s only about seven hours to go until Christmas (for Americans, anyway) so I figure it’s time to make a Christmas list and one of the things that’s bound to be on it is a new touring boot called the Dalbello Virus. O.G. freeskier Glen Plake designed the sucker so we know it’s based on years and years of hardcore skiing experience on all kinds of terrain. The boot looks insane and in fact the only real disappointment I can see before actually getting it on the snow is that the original pink colorway was junked. What?!

Anyway, Glen sat down to tell us all about his revolutionary new boot, the ideas behind it, the difference between the three models and how the original name got shut down. The man knows ski boots like very few others so it’s definitely worth a listen.

So it all looks good on paper … erm … cyberspace, especially when one of skiing’s all-time legends is talking about it. But the proof is on the snow. So if anyone out there has skied one yet, hit the Comments section below and let us know what you think. And of course, size 28.5 test samples are always welcome.


3 responses to “Glen Plake is Spreading the Dalbello Virus

  1. Good stuff. Looking forward to some reviews.

  2. I’m lucky enough to ride some of the prototypes. They are quite an improvement of my traditional touring boots. And have made my alpine boots irrelevant !

  3. Haven’t been so lucky with the boots. Sent them back in ’11 to get fixed – downhill ski mode would not lock in. After missing nearly the entire season due to the time it took the factory to repair, I was sincerely disappointed to find it wasn’t fixed. I love the concept but the reality hasn’t lived up to the hype – for me.

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