Üllr Finally Receives Long-Awaited Delivery of New Headlamp. Shines Light Once Again on Chamonix.

Shoulda waxed the cross country skis.

Now I know that all of you have been losing sleep over the absence of the Insider lately and for that I sincerely apologize. But with the Horny Toads embarking on their first undefeated season in over 70 years I figured I better get myself back to the land of the free, home of the armed and dangerous to root the ol’ alma mater to their rightful spot in the college gridiron national championships. Did I also mention that all three hometown schools – Abilene High (5A), Abilene Cooper (4A) and Wylie (3A) are in line for state titles in their respective divisions? And that sureshot Heisman Trophy winner, Colt McCoy, is from nearby Jim Ned? Ahhh, it’s a rare opportunity to represent Abilene and more importantly (because despite everything you’ve just read I’m not actually all that into football), to gather around a table to give thanks for our abundance of good fortune – good fortune not limited to but eloquently represented by Ol’ Deuce’s truly unsurpassed beef tenderloin.

And did I also mention that when I left it was more like summer than winter in Chamonix and there wasn’t a cloud on the horizon? There was some bad mojo hanging over the valley that manifested itself in a fat high pressure system and despite the small but passionate crews at MBC, Elevation and Chambre 9 imbibing copious amounts of magic elixir and doing their best snow dances Üllr remained aloof, steadfast in his recalcitrance.

But as of this morning all that’s changed and there’s finally a layer of lovely white slippery stuff on the ground and it’s still coming. Who knows what changed Üller’s notoriously cantankerous mind. Perhaps he’s had enough fun with our beleaguered little valley and will switch continents to wreak havoc on the BCS rankings. Don’t we know that he loves himself  an upset so if we can just get him to double down on Nebraska over UT next weekend then the Horny Toads will have a shot at the National title. I never thought I’d ever say this but … Go ‘Huskers!

Wishin I was there at this very moment for more than one reason. photos: LLMJ


One response to “Üllr Finally Receives Long-Awaited Delivery of New Headlamp. Shines Light Once Again on Chamonix.

  1. The 12+ hour smoked turkey was not bad either. Forget the BCS, how bout the LT badminton championships?

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