Flight of the Felix

Felix Rodriguez

Felix Rodriguez

So I’m walking home from checking out the new Burton gear that just dropped at Zero G and I look  in the air and see a parapente overhead doing these crazy infinity loops over and over and over again. When they eventually ended it was straight into helicopter spins: first clockwise, abrupt stop, and then counterclockwise. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Now let it be known that I live in a place where there are days when you can look to the skies and see 30 wings in the air. And that’s a conservative estimate. What I’m saying is that although I’m a total novice when it comes to flying I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s extraordinary when I see it. And this guy was truly impressionant. So like the ace reporter that I am, I decide to hop on the Nouveau Style (Steam Punk had a flat) and mosey on over to the landing field to find out more about what this guy’s all about.

Turns out Felix Rodriguez is originally from a village in Spain between Alicante and Madrid and has been flying for 20 years. Needless to say, the guy’s witnessed the wild progression of the sport firsthand and has the medals to prove it. He’s been living in Chamonix for the past two years with his fine young son Horacio and his lovely lady Charlotte, an amazing pilot in her own right (stay glued to these pages for a future post on her).

Anyway, I ended up catching him on video the next day and mashed it up with a slammin guitar rock band  from Austin. Do not go a step further without plugging this into the big speakers and crankin it to 11.

Amazing or what? Wonder what it looks like from his perspective? Check out the lid-spinning felix-cam in this one …

No question about it, it’s a different breed of human that goes out and does that for fun every day. Big smile, a leg of Spanish jambon and a sharp knife, the smile of a young boy with his father and mother and her mother and peanut butter and nutella and a big black dog and friends with big smiles and warm energy.

Search Felix Rodriguez on Vimeo to see more.

“Live, live, live, live. Live while I can, yeah.”

Horacio and Felix

Horacio and Felix


3 responses to “Flight of the Felix

  1. it’s all in the dna man. i’ve got some clothes for that kid!

    • You mean, you’ve got some of that killer Rebel Baby clothing that all the cool kids are wearing!?!! Man, if ever there was a way to tell the cool babies from the geek babies, that’s it. And come to think of it, pretty much every gal of child-bearing age in Chamonix is pregnant right now and I’ve got to find some baby presents ASAP. Where did you say I can find it? http://www.RebelBabyClothing.com?

  2. Nice work on the soundtrack, The Black Angels are sweet.
    Not bad work with the chute either

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